There are times when life will be at its toughest, but those days will be overshadowed by the brightness of future days to come! XD


My favorite outfits of 2016!  XD

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“Oooh, gurl! Where’d you get that outfit?!”

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Bomber Jacket- American Eagle
Shirt- Macy’s
Jeans- American Eagle
Shoes- Nike
Backpack- Herschel Supply Co.
Sunglasses- Harrods


Saucy like a chunky meatball dipped in the finest of pureed tomatoes and delectable seasonings, all on a bed of angel hair pasta.
#BettySpaghettiMode XDD

A Night on the Town.

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Coat- River Island
Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Pants- Topman
Shoes- Kenneth Cole (Nordstrom’s)
Cologne- Paco Robanne (Macy’s)


When people think that they’re gonna be outrunning the token fat kid during the Zombie Apocalypse… XD #SurpriseSunshine #WatchYour6