And all is well! :D

So Macy Tweeted This (in regards to this blog’s #fattributes spam :P)

And I immediately started freaking out (start from the bottom, then go up):

Then she finally tweeted back! <3

And now I’m so, so, so happy!

Macy Marie Maloy seriously does inspire me.  And I would never want to scare or hurt her in anyway (I suppose that goes for everyone in general :P).  But I like that as easily as she can make me panic, she can also make me smile like crazy after one tweet!

I’ve officially been RT/@ tweeted 3 times by Miss Macy!

Give her some love!  She made my night. Again. <3

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“Poison & Wine”- Macy Maloy/Cameron Mitchell Cover (by cameronmitchellmusic)