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oh no, stripper anon here am I too late to possibly gently request a snippet from queenie and credence go to macy's? or alternatively an idea: graves feeling up credence in the middle of macy's with a disillusionment charm to mask them from nomaj :)

You are not too late! There’s no such thing as too late on the internet.

Hilariously “Queenie and Credence go to Macy’s” stars a Credence who fucking WISHES Graves would show up and grope him. (So maybe tomorrow…….)

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NCT w/o Jaehyun and Johnny: *sleeping in and resting**enjoying their morning**not shook*

Jae: *wakes everyone up with the turkey lurkey on repeat while screaming something about reciting the story of how Thanksgiving came to be perfectly*

Johnny: *banging multiple pots and pans together, simultaneously waving the American flag and turning on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade™ and yelling about how “YALL ARE GONNA MISS IT LOOK THERE GO THE MACYS STARS ITS STARTING GUYS WAKE UP HAPPY THANKSGIVING ITS TIME TO WAKE UP LOOK THE LITTLE CHILDREN ARE IN THIS THE LITTLE CHILDREN NEED YOU TO WAKE UP-”*