macy is me

¿Es amor, cuándo tan fácil me dijiste adiós?

¿es amor, cuándo te rendiste antes de que lo intentáramos?

¿es amor, cuándo me robaste mi tranquilidad mental?

¿es amor, cuándo lloras, lloras y lloras?

I need your help guys.

I made a huge mistake regarding my finances. Macys told me I’d still have one more check to expect after quitting and they were wrong. I owe my mother $200 or we can’t pay rent.

Please visit my etsy store and help me out!

I have tarot readings and I have pendulum boards!

If you’d like to donate, I have the cash app and google wallet, but I’d like to provide a service for you.

Please, please, please help me if you can. This is an emergency!

Thank you guys so much ❤️


Ariana Grande - Leave Me Loney (ft. Macy Gray) Live

Take It All Back

Part One

Summary: As season one filming comes to a close, Jensen gets some shocking news from home.
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Macy)
Word Count: 1635
Warnings: Drinking, language, mentions of hospitalization. 

A/N: The new Jensen x OFC series begins! It will be twenty parts total, so hang on to your hats. Something new I’m doing with this: the intro stuff (summary, pairing, etc.) will pertain to that part in particular. Never too late to be added to the tag list if you’re interested! Also, if you haven’t already, check out this song, as it was the inspiration for this fic. 

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