macy is me

¿Es amor, cuándo tan fácil me dijiste adiós?

¿es amor, cuándo te rendiste antes de que lo intentáramos?

¿es amor, cuándo me robaste mi tranquilidad mental?

¿es amor, cuándo lloras, lloras y lloras?

I played the game today

And I felt Macy on a spiritual level. 

I mean… it’s 2 PM, this toddler is all giggly, happy and all that and here’s Macy… 

Just woke up, sleepy AF…. but the kid won’t stop giggling. But eventually goes all sad or angry or some shit…

But Macy’s expression doesn’t fucking change. lol

She even has a lil’ smirk on her face as if she was thinking “yeah, you little prick. that’s fucking life. you’re stuck there and you can’t do anything about it unless I let u out. what u gon’ do huh? CRY???”

I know I’m a terrible person xdddd Not my fault I don’t like kids, and they don’t like me either loll.