I think Harry missed a great fucking opportunity to mess with Voldemort’s head. Like instead of looking through his mind, he should have put strange fucking shit in there.

Ron: What are you doing?

Harry: Projecting a shit ton of gay porn into Voldemort’s mind so he can’t see the Aurors coming for him.

His expression is just.. gaaaahhh!! 😍


M.A.C.U.S.A. (Magical Circus of the United States of America)

A Fantastic Beasts Circus!AU, featuring the animal trainer, the acrobat, the knife thrower, the vendor, the fortune teller, the ringmaster, the magician, and the boy who wants nothing more than to run away and join the circus.

Watched Fantastic Beasts again and no offense but President Picquery is trash.

When Tina shows up with Newt and his case of creatures, Picquery doesn’t even ask what she wants. For all she knew, Tina could have just caught this man using the Cruciatus curse on No-Majs in the middle of the street. But nope, not interested. Get out of my sight, Miss Goldstein, I’m too busy stating the obvious to Mr Graves over here.

Later on, a No-Maj is killed, Tina shows up with thE SAME MAN she brought to Picquery earlier that day, and finally gets to tell her what’s happened.

(And after hearing that Newt arrived there that same day, she rounds that up to “you’ve known for 24 hours” - clearly Ilvermorny needs to make sure its students can do basic maths and timekeeping.)

And she makes out like Tina waited until someone was killed to tell her about Newt and his case even though the FIRST thing she did after catching Newt was bring him STRAIGHT UP to the office to tell Picquery.

Skip ahead to having Credence killed, and justifies it by calling him a criminal, despite knowing the unstable and uncontrollable nature of the Obscurial.

And even after Newt, who owes her *less* than nothing, does her whole fucking job for her, she tells him to Obliviate Jacob and DOESN’T even talk to Jacob, she just talks about him like he’s some kind of stray dog like ??????

“Is that No-Maj still here?” Jacob stands right in front of her. “Obliviate him.” YES PICQUERY THAT HUMAN BEING WITH THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS IS HERE, AND CAN HEAR YOU TALKING ABOUT ALTERING HIS MIND AS IF IT’S JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE. No “I’m sorry, Mister, I hope you can understand” like

how do you even survive without a heart or a brain, Picquery? How the hell did you get your pick of all four Ilvermorny houses?

date a tall boy with a goofy smile. date a boy with curly hair and freckles. date a boy that’s awkward, but incredibly sweet. date a boy who loves animals. date a boy who sets magical creatures lose in america, and causes destruction. date newt scamander.


As a member of one of the richest and most prestigious families in American wizarding society, Percival Graves followed the path of his ancestors and became an auror.

In his youth, he was a brilliant and highly intelligent auror but was never promoted due to his cocky attitude and rash decision making.

But after several near-misses and becoming friends with the sharp and ambitious Seraphina Picquery, he began focusing on his career. He was promoted to Senior Auror, then Captain of the Aurors, then Head of Magical Law Enforcement. Finally, he took the title of Director of Magical Security.

But despite shaking off the arrogance of his youth, he still finds it hard to resist the thrill of a fight and prefers to lead his team from the front, often leaving his desk to collect dust.

Despite his quick temper and lack of patience, he is well respected and is fiercely loyal to his team.

Newt Dating a Muggle/No-Maj Would Include......

  • Him never getting tired of explaining the simple things of the wizarding world.
  • Him always being excited whenever he was asked about his beasts.
  • Unknowingly spending hours upon hours talking about his beasts.
  • Falling in love even more when they’d be completely and utterly interested in learning about them.
  • Always having to take a moment to admire them whenever he’d find them interacting with his beasts.
  • Having to constantly explain that he cannot just snap his fingers and the dishes would be done.
  • Or if he waved his wand they’d be rich. 
  • Or clap his hands and the room would suddenly be clean.
  • Having to sit them down and explain the laws and logic of magic.
  • Finding it adorable that they tried to follow but got lost somewhere in the middle. 
  • Him kissing their forehead and trying to explain it easier.
  • Always entertaining them with the simplest of spells. 
  • Apologizing constantly for spending most of his time with his beasts. 
  • Feeling a little less guilty when told that it was quite alright. 
  • Never taking them for granted. 
  • Allowing them in the case on their own but scolding when they’d leave it open by mistake.
  • Constant days of tracking down the Niffler.
  • Him getting slightly annoyed that they would choose the Niffler over Pickett. 
  • Appreciating the fact that Pickett seems to take a liking to them.
  • Becoming quite upset when they’d get hurt while handling his beasts.
  • Him always being Nurse Newt whenever they’d get injuries.
  • Babying them even if it’s just a scratch.
  • Feeling hopeless when they’d get scratched again by doing the same thing as before.
  • Him watching them while they do muggle things. 
  • Almost always curious about muggle life and always asking questions.
  • Having to explain to him the functions of household items.
  • Explaining a television to him was the same as him explaining the laws of magic.
  • “It does what, now?”
  • “How does it know to show pictures?”
  • “Is it supposed to be fuzzy like that?
  • “And that sound is just awful.” 
  • Not understanding what the point of a toaster is. 
  • Him appreciating all their sacrifices that they’ve made in order to be with him.
  • Knowing that it was a difficult decision to leave their family.
  • To give up a job to travel the world with him.
  • Showing them the best spots of where to find his beasts. 
  • Always showering them with “I love you’s.” 
  • Never missing a beat when it came to their anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Being surprised and appreciative whenever they’d present him with little gifts.
  • Always feeling the need to make sure they’re always feeling loved.
  • Finding it refreshing that they have no magical abilities.
  • Finding himself talking about their possible children being magical.
  • Being overjoyed when they’d say, “I hope our children take after you in the magical department,” 
  • Being extremely protective and defending their muggleness.
  • Getting agitated when some of the wizarding community would discriminate against them. 
  • Always making a point to those who hate muggles that he indeed loves everything about them and wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Making sure they always know that he wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Him using his magic to lighten up their days.
  • Him using his magic to set the mood for intimate nights.
  • Him always asking how their day was.
  • Never getting tired of learning about them.
  • Never getting bored or annoyed with their rambles.
  • Finding it cute when they’d gush about magical things. 
  • Loving every bit of who they are.
  • Knowing that he would want to spend the rest of his life with them.
  • He’d try to enlist in the Niffler’s help to propose to them.
  • But would spend the entire night chasing the Niffler down. 
  • Being discouraged that his plan to propose hadn’t gone the way he wanted.
  • His face lighting up when they do manage to find the ring among the many, many shiny object at their expression.
  • Scrambling to get down on one knee to propose.
  • Scooping you into his arms when they say yes.
  • Wiping away happy tears and telling them that they will be only one he’ll ever love more than his beasts.