My life purpose is to do what I want.

During my meditation, (focusing on the lake in front of me), I noticed the ducks swimming by with ease. I could tell by their energy they were in no rush, and they were very content. They looked at me back in curiosity, but they did not fear my gaze. They kept their pace, because they found what they wanted to do in that moment and fufilled it.
This is me to the unawoken. I let them observe and wonder why I go slow, do the ‘strange’ things I’m doing, but I continue keeping my pace of trust, love, and peace.
My life purpose is in each moment to do whatever it is I wish. And by what I want, I mean what I truly want within my soul. Not by focusing just on the end result I want, taking difficult paths to get there. There is not a future for this life purpose, nor a past. There is the now, and this now gives me all I need for happiness.

I felt a strange urge to post this for no reason. So if you’re reading this, it was definitely meant for you to see it.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey.. just awakening, far down the path, or still trying to break out of unwanted realities… keep going. I remember thinking I would never be this happy. But as you go along, experience upon experience, you activate the law of attraction into deeper levels. And I can’t wait to see the deeper truths I spiral into as I go on.

Much love friends.

The Divide and Coming Of Spirit

There is no doubt that chaos exists in this world. The reason for this is very simple - many have disconnected contact with Self, Life, Spirit, and just Being. And to heal from chaos to peace, to leave a reality that separates us from our True Being.. we must begin to observe. To fix the world, we honestly and wholesomely must become aware of our selves, our thoughts, our emotions, and all that we are in the exact moment we are living. Those who decide to leave a suffering point of view that promotes blaming others and self guilt, soon find that concentrating on Well-Being comes naturally. This change can give all the peace to the people. Because to make a true impact on this planet, one must recognize that change starts from within. When you love your body, give your mind a chance to enjoy the beauty of the present moment, you begin to feel good. And this feeling good changes not only your Being, but the Being of all who encounter you as you hold this feeling.

Rise and shine. Wake up! This world is beautiful, and it’s about time we start enjoying it. By focusing on the suffering in our reality, we encourage more feelings of suffering to enter our lives. But by simply deciding that you will give yourself and those around you love, happiness, and all other good vibes, you will find yourself seeing those who love, are happy, and exert good vibes. Because You Are. You are. You Are. Because that you exist, you are capable of any point of view, owning anything, meeting anyone you wish, traveling wherever you please.. all while feeling the feeling of happiness and gratitude abundantly. You Are. Because of this you hold all the qualities you want. You are already love, peace, happiness, growth, abundance.. You already have your Inner Self, your True Being and way of living. Get rid of negative thoughts, and find your true Well-being flowing into your heart without effort.

Peace and love.