whenever im reading stories and the setting is hundreds of years ago.. im like.. who’s really gay? who’s really trans??? none of you could’ve ‘been’ anything but cis and straight,.. so which characters are the queers here???

my stomach is turning
and ive never been so happy to be anxious.
im on the edge of tears and I feel psychotic
unstable and falling in love
not all the kisses and hugs and cuddles can wash away this desire
I feel like i was just introduced to my mind for the first time.

when i feel like i need to write, let me write.
otherwise the words may not spill out correctly.

and if i feel the need to tell you im in love, dont tell me it’s too soon.
because what i feel doesn’t have a speed.

but when i wander, let me wander,
or maybe you could just come along.