Nicki Minaj recently told Rolling Stone that she is pro-choice. Photo by Christopher Macsurak.

The theory goes that the more exposure we have to a certain group, the less likely we are to make nasty assumptions about them. With this idea in mind, a growing number of women are sharing their experiences getting abortions. By publicly sharing their personal experiences, they hope to reduce the stigma that faces all people who get abortions.

Recent actions such as the 1 in 3 Campaign encourage women to tell their stories without fear of judgment. The grassroots campaign “builds on the success of prior social change movements, harnessing the power of storytelling to engage and inspire action and strengthen support for abortion access” and hopes to “help create a more enabling cultural environment for the policy and legal work of the abortion rights movement.” 

With this context in mind, Nicki Minaj’s recent discussion in Rolling Stone about getting an abortion as a teenager is especially important. For someone whose every personal choice is intensely criticized and scrutinized, this is a big reveal.

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