macs tavern

Tonight I got to meet Mac and his band and shoot the shit for about half an hour. I introduced myself as ‘Brumbo Tungus’ and Mac made up a song on the spot and sung it to me. He even did it again to let me video it. Tomorrow I’m going back over and me and Vick are cooking them all dinner and having a few beersies. I got to watch their show from the mezzanine inside the club with no-one else up there since the people who live in the apartment above the bar they were playing at have no idea who they are. I walked in and the band was all just in my friends lounge room and every one who lives at the house was in their bedrooms (I was fucking shocked). One of the funnest nights of my life, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

So right now we are directly outside of downtown Phillie, <3 Loving life.  But Olivia and I want to go to Mac’s Tavern.  It’s Mac and Dee’s from Sunny’s bar.  They own it and I want to go, so does Liv, but mom won’t let us go into town!! We want to go into town, IT’S MACS TAVERN!!!  

I just want to scream to mom YOU ARE SO STUPID!!!! It’s Macs Tavern, she likes sunny, but she just doesn’t get the love that Olivia and I have for it.