macs rule

Honestly I’m glad Mac went back in the closet in season 11 only to come back out again in season 12 because the coming out scene in season 12 is so genuine and real and heartwarming in comparison to the frantic “I GUESS IF IM GAY THEN THERE IS NO GOD AND LIFE HAS NO MEANING” from season 11.

Season 11 gave us a comedically played coming out scene that left Mac feeling empty and sad.

Season 12 gave us a real coming out scene that wasn’t played for laughs in the slightest and left Mac feeling happy and proud and confident.

i’ve seen a couple posts going around about dennis saying he hates mac/dennis not returning mac’s feelings but like

i’ve been interpreting this less as “dennis hates mac” and more as “it’s easier for dennis to say he hates mac than to admit how badly he needs him, and it’s a lot less terrifying than facing the reality of their relationship now that mac is out”

macdennis shipping aside, its clear they’ve always been very codependent, borderline in a relationship with each other, and i could see dennis panicking now that he doesn’t have the comfort of knowing nothing will ever come of it like he did when mac was still in the closet

Can’t stop thinking about how in Hero or Hate Crime? Mac has clearly been researching ~gay things~ recently and getting himself educated because the things he was saying were definitely not the usual stuff he’d just pick up, they were as a result of active research.

Like, being so staunchly opposed to the use of the word f*ggot in any circumstance and remaining adamant that it’s a slur and completely unacceptable? And fuck, he knew the original meaning of the word and the meaning of it being used as a slur.

I’m just so proud of him and his coming out and that whole episode. Ah. Gay Mac Rules.