macs are silly


Is that a rule?
It’s better, it’s a fact.
Like two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, and it never changes, that kind of fact?
The Battle of Tommy Giordano - 4x11

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Uhhhh I can't even think of an interesting question so any headcanons you can think of because I'm so invested in your interpretations of the characters

omg ty!! i hope this is enough bc i’m just abt to go to bed lol

mac’s mom has a black-and-white cat named sylvester to go with mac’s canary, tweety. mac calls him “silly”

betty has tried babysitting with martha before but she Cannot deal with children. she respects them as people, but she can’t stand being around them

jd is from dallas originally and has family from mexico on his mom’s side, though he’s never rly known them

My official Skele-sona B-Mac, or Macaroni.

They’re silly and nerdy with a few anger problems, but mostly just a regular ‘ol goof-ball trying to live life. I really love them a lot and I miiiiiight even want to make a rp thing for them, but idk considering how many blogs I already have.

The universe they belong to is mostly directed to Comptonfell.