macs are cheap

A few tips for poor people who can’t cook:

Frozen vegetables! You can add them to ramen or spaghetti or mac and cheese, they’re cheap and they give you a little nutrition boost, and it’ll keep you fuller longer. I use broccoli.

If one generic tastes like crap, try another. They’re not ALL made by the same company. Personally I can’t stand the Velveeta knockoffs EXCEPT for the ones sold at Dollar Tree.

Rice cooker rice cooker rice cooker. Rice is cheap and filling and you can mix it with so many things and it’s worthless if you’re never gonna cook it. You can find these for $20 and it’s so worth it.

If you’re not allergic, peanuts make an excellent addition to a lot of foods. Adds crunch, flavour and protein!

Canned goods are way different prices at different stores. I can get a can of olives at WinCo for 80c when it’s $1.50 at Fred Meyer. Find out where’s cheapest, and if you can, buy a flat at a time of whatever you’ll use - it means you won’t go for the closer/easier store when you’re in a crunch, and fewer trips to the store mean fewer impulse buys.

Black or kidney beans go great in rice with a little soy sauce, or salt and vinegar. Corn goes great in just about everything. Black-eyed peas are a tasty chip dip.

Anyone else? I know @penbrydd always has good input on these things.

Mac and Cheese Magic

Mac and Cheese is cheap (about a dollar a box), but kind of boring. However its easy to make.

Here is how you make it better.

Before you cook the mac and cheese according to the directions on the box (I wont bore you by repeating them here) take a chicken breast and slicing it up into chunks. 

Defrost it in the microwave one minute at a time on high until its unfrozen enough to cut easily but not too thawed out or else it gets hard to cut again. This might require practice, but the chicken should be semi frozen but softened.

Once you have it cut up fry the chicken chunks in a little bit of oil and sprinkle cayenne pepper on them and a bit of old bay cajun spice mix (or whatever cajun spice mix you settled on). This should not take long to cook as the chunks are small enough to fry quickly.

Now make your mac and cheese and while boiling the noodles add a cup of frozen mixed vegetables. So by the time the noodles are boiled the veggies are cooked too. Then make your mac and cheese as normal, at the end add the chicken into it.

Then add additional cayenne and cajun spice to taste. Sprinkle a bit of shredded cheese on top, stir and eat.

The meat and veggies turns the mac and cheese into a more balanced meal on its own. Eat a slice of bread on the side and its even better for you.

Drink a sweet drink to offset the savory flavors of the meal.

Test animation in Rough Animator. Felt like doing some really roughly timed keys of Isaac for fun to get used to the software. I really like it, and I love that it has infinite layers and that you can pretty much do roughs to final animation clean up (and color!) in the program. Can’t wait to animate some more in it! :D


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Meanwhile, over in the Daily Mail, this got printed, big lips, bones, cannibals, spears and all. This. Got. Printed.

It’s 2016, by the way.


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Today’s motd is brought to you by gold, my never ending obsession with pat mcgrath and a terrible hand for double eyeliner.

Quick non natural makeup today so dewy it hurts.  Yes the eyebrows are sloppy, no I don’t really care.

Love it !!

eyeshadow used on both lids and eyebrows  : bare minerals stay golden 

eyeliner : e.l.f liquid precision eyeliner

skin : maybelline dream fresh bb cream mixed with mac strobe 

lips some cheap pink golden lipgloss.