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Loghain banter with either Cole or Iron Bull. I think those would be interesting interactions.

Iron Bull: So you were in a position to send your men into an overwhelming battle or abandon those men in a fight they were sure to lose. And you chose to walk away.

Loghain: You weren’t there. You couldn’t possibly judge the choice I was forced to make.

Iron Bull: It wasn’t a criticism, Loghain. Flip of a coin and I might’ve done the same damn thing.

Loghain: Nice to see someone here has some sense. I wonder sometimes about the others.

Iron Bull: It wasn’t a compliment either. Just one person in charge of a small company who sees another with a large one who was forced into a shit situation. Just because I almost did the same as you doesn’t mean I approve.

Loghain: And here I thought we were going to be fast friends.

some modern!beatrice headcanons that have been in my drafts for 10000 years

• lives in wirt and greg’s basement

• steals wirt’s tshirts/sweaters all the time (he never even notices)

• definitely cusses a lot

• wears her hair down all the time because fuck putting it in a bun she’s in 2017 now

• ^^^ her hair is long and curly and amazing

• will absolutely without a doubt pet every dog she comes across

• loves tv and movies!!! honestly when greg is watching cartoons she’ll hang out with him on the couch and watch with him bc wow!! it’s so mesmerizing!!! moving pictures wow !!!!!

• somehow finds out about rap and digs it for a while, then branches out to like trippy indie type music ?? she falls in luv with mac demarco

• unironically likes all star by smash mouth

• sends wirt memes 24/7 once she discovers social media

• one time wirt gets invited to a party and beatrice tags along, ending up getting super freakin plastered (she’d be a silly, very loud, giggly drunk) but has a fun time anyways and everyone at the party loves her

• looks bomb in red lipstick

• likes the concept of makeup but doesn’t really wear it that much, ya know ??

• quickly becomes good friends with sara, who becomes quite an influence on her personality (she picks up on the way teenagers speak, slang, whatever, very quickly through her)

• visits her family often enough and they’re fascinated by her stories of her adventures in the modern world !!

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How about Loghain and Alistair? They're not technically in different games but I would have loved it if we could have them both on the party. Would love to see banter there.

Loghain: If we want the advantage in the next fight we should consider our tactics.

Loghain: They tend to group themselves at the front of their camp so if we wait until dark to sneak around back and…

Loghain: Alistair? Alistair, are you even paying attention?

Alistair: Lalalaaa! I’m not listening!

Loghain: Oh for Maker’s sake… Are you seriously going to ignore me forever?

Alistair: Sera, tell Loghain I don’t talk to cowardly  traitors who trade the lives of their men for a gamble at power.

Sera: Loghain, Alistair says you’re a cowardish gambler. 

Sera: And that your breath stinks.  

Loghain: I heard him, I’m right here! And he didn’t say anything about my breath.

Sera: Eh, fact’s a fact. It needed sayin’.


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