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avenger09  asked:

Loghain banter with either Cole or Iron Bull. I think those would be interesting interactions.

Iron Bull: So you were in a position to send your men into an overwhelming battle or abandon those men in a fight they were sure to lose. And you chose to walk away.

Loghain: You weren’t there. You couldn’t possibly judge the choice I was forced to make.

Iron Bull: It wasn’t a criticism, Loghain. Flip of a coin and I might’ve done the same damn thing.

Loghain: Nice to see someone here has some sense. I wonder sometimes about the others.

Iron Bull: It wasn’t a compliment either. Just one person in charge of a small company who sees another with a large one who was forced into a shit situation. Just because I almost did the same as you doesn’t mean I approve.

Loghain: And here I thought we were going to be fast friends.


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anonymous asked:

How about Loghain and Alistair? They're not technically in different games but I would have loved it if we could have them both on the party. Would love to see banter there.

Loghain: If we want the advantage in the next fight we should consider our tactics.

Loghain: They tend to group themselves at the front of their camp so if we wait until dark to sneak around back and…

Loghain: Alistair? Alistair, are you even paying attention?

Alistair: Lalalaaa! I’m not listening!

Loghain: Oh for Maker’s sake… Are you seriously going to ignore me forever?

Alistair: Sera, tell Loghain I don’t talk to cowardly  traitors who trade the lives of their men for a gamble at power.

Sera: Loghain, Alistair says you’re a cowardish gambler. 

Sera: And that your breath stinks.  

Loghain: I heard him, I’m right here! And he didn’t say anything about my breath.

Sera: Eh, fact’s a fact. It needed sayin’.