macrossworld con


MacrossWorld Con 2012 (Quick Recap)

-Mari Iijima concert and autograph session
-Cosplay Contest: Sheryls. Sheryls everywhere. And also a dead Zentradi soldier. Ranka won it all with her Nyan Nyan dance.
-Lots of rare collectibles as always: The entire con I swooned over Egan Loo’s collection of autograph sketches dating back to the 1980s.
-Customs contest: lots of fanmade/modified works.
-1/55 VF-1 transforming competition. Race to transform an old-fashioned 1/55 “Chunky Monkey” model. People with best 2 times face each other in the finals.

-My swag: Free flyers and pamphlets about the 30th anniversary and the musical; Macross F Official Creator’s Magazine Volume 3; Skull Squadron sticker, Sheryl wedding dress cellphone strap; lots and lots of Macross Frontier cards that usually comes in random with chocolate wafer but the vendor sold them $1 each and I got to pick them out.

Will have more pictures uploaded throughout the week. Took well over 200 today >__>;;