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Macross: Do You Remember Love? / Alien: Covenant
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yotsubafanfan  asked:

Hey I kinda wanna watch the original Macross. Do you recommend the Movie or the actual series?

Both! :D

Or either, depending on whether you’re more up for a movie or a long-ish series. Both cover the same big plot points and will fill you in on the basic history for the rest of the franchise, though they have substantial differences in both details and design. Because Macross plays fast and loose with continuity (everything you see is a re-telling of events), later series draw elements from both interchangeably.

In terms of pros and cons - DYRL is absolutely gorgeous and has animation that holds up today all these decades later. The series has some good-looking moments too, but also episodes with low budgets that look downright wonky, and it generally looks pretty dated by today’s standards. On the other hand, the series obviously gives the characters a lot more room to stretch and deepen their characterizations, and includes a bunch of characters and side plots not in the movie at all, including an extended epilogue with more action and character development after the climactic battle.



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