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My Top 10 Favorite Women Characters

I was tagged by @darkcyradis  It was so cool to see how many cool female character are; I’ve so much fun. Thank you!! ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜

10. Eliza Sommers   from  Daughter of Fortune
She dare to leave a comfortable life where Eliza have everything, she follow the love of her life, starts a long journey away from home to another country, a totally unknown city and find something way better.

9. Kagura  from  Gintama
Kagura patting his beloved pet Sadaharu; but don’t get fooled by this two, she’s not feminine more like a tomboy, bad manners, say pervert stuff, very strong in more that one way.

8. Touka Kirishima   from  Tokyo Ghoul
Even tho Touka have been tho many things she’s a lovely person who supports, help and keep going forward even if it’s difficult.

7. Yuzuki Seo  from   Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun
Seo try to helps others but no in the conventional way, say what she think, cannot read the atmosphere or context, kinda rude but funny, she makes me laugh so much.

6. Shirayuk  from  Akagami no Shirayukihime
Doesn’t want to be a prince concubine, run away to another kingdom and Shirayuk is determinate to become a pharmacist even tho she start a friendship with royalty doesn’t take advantage of, work very hard and is very talented. Shirayuk is kind, always is helping in whatever she can and speak her mind.  

5. Arrietty  from  The Secret World of Arrietty
Arrietty love adventure, don’t chicken out, loves her family and she’s so strong, keep going and make the most beautiful friendship ever.

4. Nanaba  from  Shingeki no Kyojin
I love this woman, she’s so cool, strong, determinate and don’t debut to protect others event if they may not be worth it; of course she have personal dreams and beloved ones but her human side is more bigger.

3. Haruhi Fujioka  from  Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi don’t give a crap about what others think, determinate to reach her goal; in the process have new friends and help them to be a better human. Even tho have a sad part in her life she keep going and learn how to enjoy life.

2. Sheryl Nome  from  Macross Frontier
Even tho Sherly is not the main heroin she doesn’t give a second tho to fight for what she want, she’s sweet and cool, even tho she’s orphan keep going and don’t let the sad part of her past took over her present.

1. Candice “Candy” White Audrey  from  Candy Candy
OMG! Tragedy after tragedy, orphan, best friend cut the friendship, fall in love, so many deaths, fall in love again, can’t be together, going from one place to other, from one city to another continent. Don’t blame her for crying so much it’s really sad, even tho Candy is the main character Candy lose everything all the time!! Don’t hide resentment, is positive and keep going, Candy have a super strong will, meet her goals and always is helping others event tho some of then don’t deserved it. Candy always give love.

Every female character that I like they have in common a strong will, do your best! Don’t give a crap about what other think. If you want something Go for it! When the shit hit the fan well… Just keep going and enjoy your journey!!

P.S. Also I like so much from:
SNK - Riko, Historia, Ymir.
Ghibli movies - Shopie and Chiro
Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine
Noragami - Bishamonten  and Hiyori
and probably I forget to mention many others.  ( ゚ヮ゚)

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and anyone else who want to do it are welcome… Have fun!!


Jiggle Physics in Anime (2016)

Featured Anime (Alphabetical Order):
Active Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit 2nd (アクティヴレイド -機動強襲室第八係- 2nd)
And you thought there is never a girl online? (ネトゲの嫁は女の子じゃないと思った?)
Ange Vierge (アンジュ・ヴィエルジュ)
Anne Happy (あんハピ♪)
Anitore! XX (あにトレ!XX)
Bakuon!! (ばくおん!!)

*Adult anime understandably non-included. Also intentionally omitted are certain scenes from series Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (魔装学園H×H) and My Wife is the Student Council President!+ (おくさまが生徒会長!+!) that really crossed the not so fine line between non-adult anime and adult anime. (Had those scenes been included, then yeah, this video pretty much would have matched the duration of a standard episode of anime, consisting purely of breasts plopping all around.) Omissions of other shows either an oversight or due to respective show’s manner of broadcast.


【ダイジェストPV】ワルキューレ/LIVE 2017“ワルキューレがとまらない”at 横浜アリーナ

This #artvsartist thing looked fun so I got on the wagon!

I’m glad I’ve done some different stuff for my work. Time for more differences, though. Gotta practice different camera angles etc…

Characters included are Sheryl Nome(Macross Frontier), Joker/Jakob, female Corrin, Elise, Sakura, Peri from Fire Emblem Fates, Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening, Princess Lucia Crecentia from Song of the World, and my OC Eve Bluemoon.

September - Soundtracks Release Date
  • ReLIFE Original Soundtrack    Sep 14, 2016
  • Battery Mini Soundtrack  Sep 14, 2016 
  • 91Days Original Soundtrack   Sep 14, 2016
  • Seisen Cerberus Original Soundtrack  Sep 21, 2016
  • Active Raid O.S.T.3  Sep 21, 2016
  • Joker Game OST CD Out of TRACK vol.2   Sep 28, 2016
  • Accel World INFINITE∞BURST OST  Sep 28, 2016
  • Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! OST CD vol.1  Sep 28, 2016
  • D.Gray-man HALLOW Original Soundtrack  Sep 28, 2016
  • Battery ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK  Sep 28, 2016
  • Qualidea Code Original Soundtrack  Sep 28, 2016 
  • Sekaiju no Meikyuu V: Nagaki Shinwa no Hate OST  Sep 28, 2016
  • Alderamin on the Sky Original Soundtrack 1  Sep 28, 2016
  • Macross Delta Original Soundtrack 2  Sep 28, 2016
  • Taboo Tattoo Soundtrack Selection   Sep 30, 2016

Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Spring 2016 (Not mine, didn’t make this)

Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Spring 2016 (Not mine, didn’t make this)

Macross Paintings for the Macross World Convention

Hello folks! Here are my pieces for the Macross World Convention. They were fun to do and I got to watch Macross for it. I wish I could say that Lynn Minmay got better by the end, but not really. Still didn’t like her that much by the end. 

Since I did see this after Battlestar Galactica, it felt like Battlestar Galactica with singing. 


OUT LOUNGE VOL. I [listen]

1. aaron neville - hercules // 2. buscabulla - sono // 3. thievery corporation - lebanese blonde // 4. マクロスmacross 82-99 - 月乃 うさぎserena // 5. kartell - la jeunesse retrouvée // 6. daft punk - something about us // 7. wilson simonal - nem vem que não tem // 8. bwengo - secondarny // 9. les sins - bellow // 10. com truise - datebar // 11. bonobo - kong // 12. tasty morsels - smile


A few photos from Macross World Con. Some incredible Macross fandom here we must say. 
Oh by the way!  The cosplayers that came to the US from Japan friggin killed it with their amazing cosplay swag.