Details of 🔍 Stack Z62 - A body adornment which draws inspiration from the microscopic structures of the unseen world with the aim of ‘inspire and create wonder’.
Currently on show at the The Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Council awards, London from 3 - 6 March 2015. #jewelleryOscars Working in collaboration with molecular biologist Dr Sean Speese, it has been fascinating to work with real data sourced directly from nature!!! 🔬 #design #contemporary #jewellery #goldsmithshall #nature #science #collaboration #cells #cellnucleus #molecularbiology #descience #sciencefashion #microscopicdetails #stackZ62 #digitalfabrication #3dprinted #mit #medialab #bodyadornment #macromicro #seanspeese #anathompson


This past Friday was the opening reception for Macro + Micro at Light Grey Art Lab and i am literally kicking myself for not going! it looks totally rad and i see some artists in the crowd that i’ve been itching to meet. But, alas, it was my birthday weekend so some celebrating had to be done ;)

Head over to LGAL’s Flicker and check out all the images from the opening, and of course- if you would like to purchase my Guardian of the Jungle print (or any other of the fab prints available) you can do so at the shop.

The show comes down in a little over a week, so be sure to bop over if you’re in the area!

العثور على شيء جميل، وندعه يذهب.

Find something beautiful, and let it go.

From the macro to the micro, it is all one big “Bang”, one massive heartbreak. One unfolding and refolding, only to find that we must unfold once again. A self-destructive complex runs within us; gifted from the feminine principle herself. To destroy is in our nature as much as the creative force is. We are a walking paradox. We are Shakti.

To let go. One of the greatest lessons there is to learn, and the most painful. To realize the impermanence of all. To let go.   


Discover through this animation by XVIVO why our life system it’s so amazing looking closer to our building blocks of life a microscopic world of  a “cell” 

'Stack Z62' on display at #Goldsmiths #GCADC exhibition 👏👏👏👏#jewelleryoscar thanks Dr Seen Speese for your interesting research, wonderful data!! 🔬 and amazing collaborative design process!! 🙌 #fashion #contemporary #bodyadornment #jewellery #science #design #macromicro #digitalfabrication #3dprinted #seanspeese #stackZ62 #anathompson

Le 14 juin 2014 - Fête MacroMicro - Balade - Olivier Quaglia - Stéphane Breton -Tinuviel - GRU-GRÜ - SALMO

Le 14 juin 2014 c’était la grande fête annuelle de la librairie ! Très bonne ambiance et du soleil !

Cette année, la balade s’est faite autour de Chalière, au sud du village, avec des vues sur le bourg et sur les vallées.

Cette année nous recevions 3 groupes et un soliste. Le son était excellent ! Merci Jérémy !

Tinuviel est un groupe Lyonnais qui a plus de 20 ans. Il reprend des morceaux traditionnels Celtiques. C’est la deuxième fois qu’il joue à la librairie. Cette année dans une formule à 7 musiciens. Super groupe !

Nous avions invité le groupe Toulousain La Théorie des Cordes mais il s’est désisté 15 jours auparavant. Très déçu, nous avons donc invité les copains de GRU-GRÜ, un groupe de Montpellier avec une forte sonorité rock, un libre esprit jazz, et un furieux groove. Bref, une musique sauvagement fine et délicatement puissante.

Stéphane Breton nous a donné un petit solo au clavier.

Et naturellement il y avait SALMO, le trio qui occupe les locaux de la librairie.

Exposition : cette année nous avons invité le plasticien Olivier Quaglia qui nous a présenté une série d’œuvres très petites.Chacune d’entre elle mesure en effet exactement 1cm² et nous avons utilisé des loupes binoculaires pour les admirer !

MERCI à tous les bénévoles : Amandine, Mimi, Stéphane, Aurélien, Valérie, les 2 Olivier, Bast Ard, les potes de Stéphane, Baptiste, Bertrand, Mélanie, Suzanne, Evelyne, Pascal, Mariette, Dim etc !

; the planet “Nephronia”
#macromicro #science #virology #reflection #ifshowcaseme
This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen/had the privilege to photograph - what you are seeing are actually kidney cells infected with a virus, as viewed through a microscope… I aligned my iPhone camera up with the oculus of the microscope & was able to capture this phenomenal shot… So very psyched, & I have my lovely scientist girlfriend, @virologyvixen to thank for the opportunity. :) (at University of Rochester)

During my MA I came across this amazing image which drive to broad my research into the macro-micro world and their structures. Today with new advances and increased number of new technologies it is possible to discover and understand a new fascinating view of nature.

Here a minimal particle of Pollen in its more magnify forms, carriers of male plant genome. SEM (scanning electron microscopes) Photograph by Martin Oeggerli