#CBS Grammy Show: Unwatchable Pixelation

Dear #RCN (my cable company), free advice: cut the number of channels in half and stop compressing the living daylights out of live events. If this is 1080p, I’ll go back to NTSC 525 interlaced in a heartbeat. The Grammys tonight are unwatchable. Can you say macroblock? The jig is up guys: H.264/MPEG4 can handle a lot better than the digital dreck you’re broadcasting tonight.

I think I have the 1989 NBA All Star Game on VHS somewhere around here…. That might have only been 240 or so lines, but at least they were 240 clear lines.

Macroblock high-power LED drives the output current of IC

Macroblock great merit Macroblock Company employs LED driver that introduces to the high-power LED at present - -MBI1802 output current up to 306mA. This device can offer the constant current for high-power LED, thus avoid damaging in surprise, guarantee high-power LED is not burnt.

Because of adopting PrecisionDrive and All-Ways-On technology, such new device has two invariable electric current passways, can export the heavy current. User can transfer, up to 360mA output current through peripheral resistance, with suitable for all kinds of the intersection of LED and the intersection of lighting and application. In addition, users can be through exporting, control LED luminance between 100% and 0% accurately by modulation technique of the pulse width. The electric current adjusting capacity of MBI1802 can make it offer ¼ output current.

In order to guarantee the system reliability, MBI1802 contains the temperature sensor, can offer heat protection (TP) Function and heating pad. The temperature sensor can measure the temperature of MBI1802, shut off the electric current when the temperature exceeds 165 ℃, protect IC. MBI1802 adopts and takes the heating pad to capsulate, strengthens and dispels the heat through the metal base plate. Device this can SOP8 capsulate punish big output current Safety Ground.

Lead LED to drive the output current of IC to be up to 306mA.


An example of Macroblock Artifacts produced by Databending JPGs.

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