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casual shoutout to everyone in the gt fandom who’s mentally ill

i’ve been in the fandom for about five years, active for about one. i’ve seen a lot of people come and go, some in worse shape than others. one thing i’ve noticed is that a lot of us tend to put on a front, since gt is our happy place we feel like we have to be happy all the time. and that does wind up hurting when depression hits or mental illnesses flares up or you’re just not feeling your best. 

theres nothing wrong with that. theres nothing wrong with not being chipper all the time, when you joined the fandom you didn’t sign a paper saying that you always had to be the bouncy tiny or the cheerful giant. 

you just gotta be you.

and if you’re depressed? or have an eating disorder? or an anxiety disorder? have ptsd? have something else? have no mental illnesses but still have your bad days? thats okay. you’re okay here.

gt is a more intense fandom, because for a lot of us its so much more than fandom, its practically a way of living. and since its such a huge thing in all of our lives, its reasonable to have ups and downs. and honestly i find so many of you brave.

being a mentally ill tiny is hard, being a mentally ill giant is hard, being anything in between is hard. but that doesn’t stop this fandom. and when i see any of you pull through a tough time, come out alive, or even take time to take care of yourself, i get so proud. 

i’m rambling at this point, but i just really wanted to say that even though this fandom is mostly geared towards being positive, its perfectly okay to have your bad times and be open about it. 

going through mental illness doesn’t make you weak. it makes you brave. in the end, it’ll make you strong. 

and i am so proud of all of you. <3

Tiny boyfriends are the best!

They can shower your neck or nose with kisses!

Their laughs are the best to listen to, its fun to tickle and nuzzle them to get them to laugh.

On the other hand, its great when they crack joke after joke and send you into a fit of giggles, even if the jokes are corny. 

Tiny bfs need all the appreciation they can get because they are perfect. 

okay but continuing from that last post, i am just SUCH a sucker for giants/tinies listening to their partner’s breathing and heartbeat

giants doing it, and the tiny getting super flustered bc oh gosh they’re close to the giant’s face and they’re flustered and kinda shifting around a lot, maybe the giant puts a tiiiny lil bit of pressure on them to help keep em still and the tint just goes BEET RED they’re so flustered. the giant hearing a tiny fluttering heartbeat, so rapid and racing and faint. their breathing making light noises in their chest. maybe an occasional squeak or gasp from the flustered smol.

and the tiny, laying on the giant’s chest, pressing down and feeling themselves rise and fall with every inhale and exhale, hearing the woosh of air through lungs beneath them. occasionally the giants chest stutters when they let out a small laugh at how adorable the small is being. the tiny shifting a bit so they can hear the thick thumping of the giant’s heart, pounding beneath them, practically shaking through the tiny’s bones.

last night i was thinking of the whole “giant and tiny see each other - tiny runs off - tiny faints directly after being caught” trope bc its like my Fave

and like

the giant panicking all “OH NO DID I KILL THEM” and trying to find the tiny’s pulse, but since they’re so small and the giant’s fingers are so clumsy in comparison they can’t find anything for sure

so they gently lift the tiny up to their ear, trying to hear a tiny heartbeat or breathing

the tiny wakes up and is a mixed of PANICKED and UTTERLY FLUSTERED bc they’re currently being smooshed against a giant’s face and hair sO

I love contrasts between traditionally ‘bad’ creatures from stories and complete sweetie pie personalities- for example:

A gigantic dragon who only uses their fire breath for lovely bonfires with friends, toasting marshmallows delicately and getting spooked by the ghost stories!

A huge, towering troll or orc who’s muscular build is used to build shelters and homes for people and animals alike- they’re an eager volunteer and love helping out in the community!

A monolithic giant who tends to the natural gardens others can’t, looking after forests as if they’re no bigger than a lawn- making sure all the animals and plants are safe and happy!

A sea beast longer than a cruise ship who rather than terrorise the high seas, instead chooses to hang out at beaches as a lifeguard and swimming instructor!


being a tiny who lives in an office

considering you sleep most of the day, borrow during night, you don’t know much about the workers of the office you reside in. you do know that they are let’s players, though, and you have to keep careful to not get seen.

one day food’s getting low so you risk going to grab food during the day, figuring that the humans are distracted with their ‘game grumps’ show.

while you’re on the counter snatching some food, you hear footsteps, and when you glance to the doorway you see this: