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Hope you all get 5s! 💯💯💯

cute tiny things that melt my giant heart

(not all because I’d be here forever)
-when the tiny hugs the giants finger
-tinies reaching up for hugs with the gimme gimme hands
-shy shy quiet tinies being curious
-loud tinies climbing up the giants shirt to talk to them or just to climb
-tinies squeaking when you poke them or pick them up (thanks dork friend for talking with me bout this lol)
-blushy flustered tiny
-the tiny making the giant blushy and flustered
-tiny kisses
-tiny hugs
-my smol ; )

Safe Vore Prompts/Starters

-{ “Relax… Please relax…”

-{ “Let me hear your voice so I can know you’re alright…”

-{ “How much longer until you can spit me out, again?”

-{ “It means a lot to me that you’re willing to go through with this…”

-{ “Hey- stop that! It tickles!”

-{ “Er… How do I taste, exactly?”

-{ “I’m impressed you went that far to protect me…”

-{ “That was… Something…”

-{ “Comfortable in there?”

-{ “Just tell me when you want out.”

-{ “You’re so cute when you get all snuggled up in there…”

-{ “Do you need anything?”

-{ “You’re not really… Gonna hurt me, right?”

-{ “So, uh… You’re saying I’ll be alright in there?”

-{ “It’s surprisingly comfortable in here.”

-{ “Just hush, and make yourself comfortable. It’ll be alright.”

-{ “I swear to god you’re going to be fine- you’ve just gotta trust me.”

-{ “I’m fine just staying in your mouth for a little while, actually.”

-{ “I know this is out of nowhere, but… The insides of your cheeks are pretty comfy.”

-{ “What’s this like from your perspective?”

-{ “It’s… So soft and warm…”

-{ “Now what are you drooling over?”

-{ “Hey! Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean you can just swallow me up out of the blue!”

-{ “A little warning would be nice…”

-{ “Would you be okay with…? So you can be somewhere soft until I can find something… Digestible?”

-{ “I could probably take care of that hungry ache in your belly, long as you promise not to digest.”

-{ “Could we… Do this again sometime?”


I just saw the new Weetabix advert on TV and I love it so much oh my god

Aboard the SPSC-Firion, when the Replicator malfunctions and traditional food supplies are low, hunger can sometimes make you do wild things.

In Regina’s case, sufficient hunger can apparently make you swallow your ship’s Zeta Magnusian engineer.

As a lack of food sparked the latent predatory urge within Regina that had lain dormant since before she’d fled the cartel, one of Jessica’s unfortunate proxies found herself halfway down Regina’s throat - and a moment later, all the way down Regina’s throat. Sitting in the afterglow, Regina slowly begins to realize what she’s done, but the strangely overwhelming satisfaction of a full stomach overrides any immediate feelings of remorse or panic…

(And so the seed mysteriously planted by Rubina finally germinates! I’ve been meaning to draw this for ages, and now that I’ve established Regina’s ‘reluctant predator’ status, hey, here it is. Jessica (and Jessica’s currently digesting proxy) belongs to @jsxenom!)

Titus was my first macro character. My concept for him was an unwilling and sort of shy giant who became giant but lost all of his old memories in the process, his first new memory being mid-growth. He struggles with the social isolation that comes with his new size, since he can never truly relate to others on the same level. Whether this was something his old self had wished for or if it was complete happenstance, Titus has no choice but to live on with the hope of finding people who will be able to accept him in spite of this overwhelming barrier.