I read this weeks winning submission… and i HAD to do it! XD it was too fun not to! <3 <3 <3 the fic for this week comes to you from @llamatuesday 

At the last second, Kylo sucked in air sharply over his teeth, bracing for impact. Hux froze. “Stop being such a baby, you’re the one who asked me to do this!” “I know, I know!” Kylo whined. Kylo cracked one eye in Hux’s direction before a shaky breath in. His (really quite) angry green eyes were… comforting. The sight of the needle that close to his ear was not. Eyes closed then. Exhale. “Okay, do it.” It hurt, but at least his cute ginger coworker from Hot Topic tended him with ice.

ohhhhhhhhhhh~ WHHAATTTT!?!?! Hot Topic employee modern AU?!?! WTFFF!!! LOL! LOL! LOL! XDDD this gave me WAY to many lols and WAY too many head cannon ideas! like… i have a whole fics worth!!! now if only i could write! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! but i’d love to hear any further ideas you had about this micro fic @llamatuesday !!! because it’s SOOOO cute!!! UGG!!!

It was an awesome week, just like every one before it! and i’m excited for more to come tomorrow!!! /today depending on your time zone! XD i’ll see you all in a few hours at 3:30 PDT!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 *SQUEE*

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G/t Halloween~

So!! I thought of an idea! I wanna give back to y'all because I’m so appreciative of how supportive y'all have been. So remember when we did g/t prom? Which I hope we do again because it was awesome. But let’s do something for Halloween! Halloween costumes for your personas and/or ocs! I would love to draw each of y'all again. Something to give back again.

So the cut off day will be October 31st, of course lol. On November 1st, I will gather everyone that had made a costume or have done something for the holiday and draw each and every one of y’all like I did for g/t prom. Remember I had 4 pages worth of wonderful people? I wanna do that again but Halloween inspired! :D

Whenever you have something done, please make sure to also tag #gthalloween and/or #gthalloween2016 (I will check each tag everyday). Let’s do something for this amazing community and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let’s keep this a positive community project. We do no need any more hating anons like at the prom. 

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A Tiny Escape

A couple of weeks ago, I went out late in the day to look at some flowers in the backyard.  There are some morning glories that have not been doing well, so there was only one flower on the whole vine.  That made it especially noticeable that there was a cute little bee all the way inside the single blossom.

The next morning, I noticed that the flower had closed up the way morning glories do at night.  Also, the flower was moving.  Looking closer, I could see that an insect was trapped inside and trying to gnaw its way out.

It took about fifteen minutes for the bee to escape, and another few minutes for it to dry off enough to fly away.