The last thing 2B was expecting was the old tome to let out a choked noise, jolting out of her hands to hover in the air. Flipping its pages, the book shook itself off like a cat that had been doused in water.

“Ngh! Do you mind?” came an indignant male voice, seeming to issue from the book itself, despite the face on the cover remaining still. “What is it with you people and waking me from slumber in the most crude fashion? Who gave you permission to peruse my pages while I slept? I have half a mind to–”

“That’s…that’s impossible…!” 9S interrupted, his voice shaking, “There’s no signals in here…2B, t-that book…it’s really talking!”

“I see I’m in the presence of a truly brilliant mind,” the book said dryly, “Mind your tongue. I am not some common tome. I am Grimoire Weiss!”

With Grimoire Weiss being a Pod skin, I got to thinking about what would happen if it really was Grimoire Weiss, having just woken up from a very, very long nap after a battle he didn’t think he’d live through. Then this happened.

If there’s enough interest, I might do more. It’s fun XD

Nightfall (Reyes/Ryder prompt fill)

@forgotmyline prompted me a while back with “nightfall” from the micro story prompts. Finally got around to filling it!

Reyes was really not adapting well to the constantly shifting day/night cycles aboard the Tempest. He found his body clinging stubbornly to the stability of the regular daybreak and nightfall he’d taken for granted on Kadara, but when you’re living on a ship that hops all over the cluster on a regular basis, adjustments have to be made. For all that he thrived on unpredictability and excitement, he found himself missing the days when he woke up on the same planet every morning.

He rolled over in bed with a light groan, just waking up right around when the rest of the crew was preparing for sleep. His eyes landed on the woman to his right, who was watching him with a datapad in her lap and a fond, playful smile on her face. “You really need to get on our schedule, dear. You’re not on Kadara anymore.”

He couldn’t help but grin at the pet name, teasing though it was. She’d only adopted it after he’d moved onto the ship. After…

His eyes dropped to the ring on her finger, just barely glinting in the low light, and he thumbed his own instinctively, as if to make sure it was really there. With a rush of affection, Reyes wrapped his arm around Rosetta’s waist and pulled her down to lie next to him, placing a flurry of kisses down her neck and shoulder. “Help wear me out, then. Maybe I’ll go back to sleep,” he murmured against her skin.

She sighed and tugged his face up to hers. “It’s worth a shot,” she purred before closing the gap between them and licking into his mouth.

Reyes hummed in appreciation and held her tighter. He decided then that he didn’t give a damn where or when he woke up, so long as it was next to Rosetta Ryder-Vidal.


White peony (paeonia).

New Jersey, May 22, 2017.

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