macro problem

27.05.2017 // 15:46

Revision for my final exam ever* - macroeconomic analysis.

This whole exam period has been the most exhausting, stressful and emotional time of my life and I never, ever, want to repeat it again. University ending couldn’t come quickly enough.

Time to start planning my summer travels in my revision breaks ✈️

blackemptycanvas-deactivated201  asked:

I think that in art in general, and particularly in photography, technique (lenses, for example) is just a small part of the artistic act. So, when you take a picture, how many senses do you use (considering that five is just a small part of the total involved in the photographic act)?

I agree with you that technique as well as technology is only a part of the artistic act. Neither “better” technique nor better technology will makes you automatically a better photographer. They can help you to become a better photographer.
But I think it is an important or helpful part of the artistic act because it’s your tool. And especially lenses influence your photo a lot. For example if you have a wide angle lens you will have problems with macro shots, or you wouldn’t be happy with portraits because it distorts the proportions.

But even if you have all the equipment, technology, and technique you will still have to use your senses (as you called it so great in the ask). You still have to “see” a subject and to “feel” it. And it’s always fascinating how different we all see the things. I made photo walks with some photographers and the photos we took are very different. We saw different things. Some of us see forms and lines, shadow and light, details or the whole, an emotion and special mood or a scenery, the beauty of things or reality. So I think senses and technique goes hand in hand. But I also think a photographer who uses the senses and has the cheapest camera with no further equipment will still take more interesting photos than a photographer with the best equipment and technique but who doesn’t uses their senses.

A couple people that I dated or know have posted up some version of this picture or quote after leaving me or their respective person.

Now this is a thing I had in my mind recently when I saw it again and I wanted to talk about it. I’d like to start and say that I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is a creatively made and solid film which deeply affected me. Having said that, I do not think that this quote is particularly compelling, nor was it meant to be such a slogan for reluctant failures.

In the universe of the film, Clementine was a flawed character. It was shown by her own actions and Joel’s memories of her, even if they were biased. Sure, there was a lot of great about her but she was prone to mistakes. This thought of “maybe someday later” is one of them, to me.

That is because, and to go to the macro point of my problem with this line, is that it’s a shitty thought. It’s a shitty thing to put someone in that spot. To tell them, “you’re not good enough for me now, but I may not find someone that got me or put as much time into me, so if nothing works out hope you still have the same number or answer to the same email.” It puts your supposed ex-lover into a state of feeling second best and a perpetual maybe. It bites the other’s insecurities and takes some self from them. It gives them no closure because you dangled a maybe in front of them that is really a if nothing else works… this isn’t a romantic or hopeful thought, it’s a damning one.

There’s no RIGHT time to meet someone. Everyone is everywhere. If you’re lucky to find someone that gets you and you get them, you fight for it. You try to change and give them a reason to as well, to better your relationship and enrich each other. You don’t give up on someone and hope that later when you’re alone and waiting they’ll magically be better.

I know this is an overthought and weird rant about a line in a movie. I just think that it is a total mis-reading of the movie that has reached the social consciousness as an excuse to let go of someone you have waning interest in. Am I projecting a little here? Totally. Seeing as this has been told to me in three separate times, I am a bit totally sick of it. But I seen it used on others, and it never works well.

Relationships aren’t easy, they’re work. Don’t give up and cover it up with a cute line because you moved on. Accept your failure, wear it on your sleeve, and let go.