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what i imagine myself like as a tiny: using a fishing hook as grappling hook. climbing on counters, stealing food and never being seen

what i would actually be like as a tiny: can’t climb up anything taller than 5 inches because of fear of heights. if i did manage to do it, i wouldn’t be able to get down. would get caught instantly because of distressed tiny noises

Heath bee-fly   ( Bombylius minor)

Bombylius,commonly known as bee-flies,is a large genus of flies belonging to Bombyliidae family.

This shot was taken al the 06.19 at the, morning a couple of minutes after sunrise .

Canon 5D MK ii, Tamron 180mm macro, tripod and remote control 

I’like to thank you all for your support ,i really appeciate it  😊

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- Odonata -

Ein kleine Libelle auf einem Stück Draht.