macro comic

Aboard the SPSC-Firion, when the Replicator malfunctions and traditional food supplies are low, hunger can sometimes make you do wild things.

In Regina’s case, sufficient hunger can apparently make you swallow your ship’s Zeta Magnusian engineer.

As a lack of food sparked the latent predatory urge within Regina that had lain dormant since before she’d fled the cartel, one of Jessica’s unfortunate proxies found herself halfway down Regina’s throat - and a moment later, all the way down Regina’s throat. Sitting in the afterglow, Regina slowly begins to realize what she’s done, but the strangely overwhelming satisfaction of a full stomach overrides any immediate feelings of remorse or panic…

(And so the seed mysteriously planted by Rubina finally germinates! I’ve been meaning to draw this for ages, and now that I’ve established Regina’s ‘reluctant predator’ status, hey, here it is. Jessica (and Jessica’s currently digesting proxy) belongs to @jsxenom!)

Alice likes to explore out in the woods. Gliding from tree to tree until she gets too tired, and simply walks for a bit.
Kaleb is a little farther from his home whilst hunting. And he’s forgotten to really check before pouncing on potential prey. He would never hurt a little child, and feels bad for frightening one.

(these guys are my OCs)


Broken by Earl Ware