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What they'd order in a restaurant
  • Eren: Something that's common in a household would be his food of choice. Hearty soups, familiar main dishes, and other stuff would be the things he likes since he'd be a big fan of home-cooked meals. He would also be a fan of big servings that can keep him full for a long time.
  • Armin: I think he would have a rather sensitive palate so he'd get something a little expensive and pricier than the rest of the menu. Also, he would hate having something greasy/heavy served to him. He would want something clean tasting, so he'd go with a salad or something with "cool" ingredients (cucumber, cilantro, etc).
  • Reiner: It seems pretty obvious that he eats a lot, but he would like to keep it healthy. If he doesn't order grilled chicken with the skin off, he'd settle for a nicely cooked fish fillet. He would also be a good boy and have a light salad with it.
  • Bertholdt: He doesn't really know exactly what he likes, so he'd settle for whatever sounds good in the description or picture. Most of the time, it would be something that he's never tried before, and he may even end up not liking it.
  • Jean: He'd be the type who wouldn't steer away from food that he's familiar with or food that his mom used to make for him. It's pretty obvious that he'd like omelette rice, since he grew up with it. He would also be up for congee or other warm, easy-to-eat food.
  • Marco: His choice would be based on the weather and the occasion. If it were a rainy or snowy day, he would go for something a little spicy and very warm, like curry, spicy stew, etc. On hot days, he would treat himself to a nice bowl of cold noodles, or some cold meat with bread if the day was a little special.
  • Connie: It seems like he wouldn't really want to settle down and be idle for a long time, so he would want a grab and go kind of meal. I can see him settling for Chinese take out, or fast food whenever he gets the chance. He'd prefer to eat at home, or while walking if he feels like it.
  • Levi: He would settle on food that doesn't take too long to make because he's impatient, and won't take too long to eat as well. I think pasta would fall under this criteria of his since it boils quickly as much as it cools down quickly. The only problem he'd have with it is when the sauce splatters all around and gets him filthy.
  • Erwin: Food that has a lot of health benefits would be something he'll always get. Ginseng chicken soup, natto, or vegetable sides would be served to him when he asks the waiter to get his "usual". He believes that if he were to fill his stomach to the brim, he might as well get the good benefits of it.
  • Mikasa: I don't think she would be able to finish one whole order of something by herself, so she would opt for an order of appetizers that she can share with her friends. She would go for the fried ones, like calamari, fries, or cheese balls. Doing so would make her feel comfortable even if she doesn't wipe out the whole plate.
  • Annie: She wouldn't care for it too much since food is food, and it's just mixed in a different way. She'll only settle on her order once she hears what everyone else is getting, then pick out the tastiest sounding one.
  • Sasha: She wouldn't be the type who would eat out a lot, so going to a restaurant would be a treat for her. It's going to be a rare chance wherein she'd get to eat anything she wants. She'd get those really huge main meals that usually has the label "good for 2-3 people", like a steak, ribs, burger, etc.
  • Christa: Just to take a break from the usual chicken, pork, beef, and all, she'd go for something seafood or vegetable. Her favorite might be grilled fish with vegetables, or steamed fish that comes with vegetables as well.
  • Ymir: She'd looks like a pizza person so it's something that she'll always look for. She would try different kinds of flavors, but she'd end up with getting the same one every time. Along with that, she'd order a tall glass of soft drinks to push it all down.
  • Hanji: She would order the strangest items on the menu because she's really into trying something out of her comfort zone. Most of the time, she'd be frequent an Asian restaurant. Every visit would give her a chance to try a different dish, so she'll learn about what she likes and doesn't like.
  • Petra: She would have a little difficulty picking out what she'd like, so she would go with the dishes that fall under the "chef's recommendation". Once she gets to that, she'll then narrow it down based on what kind of meat or vegetable she feels like eating. Most of the time, it would be the dish that made the restaurant famous.

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