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Things that make me weak:

Giants who look like huge monsters who are actually timid dorks

Moments in g/t scenarios where the giant and tiny are just looking at each other silently, in awe of each other’s size

When people really describe G/T contact (like being held/picked up/kissed) in really good, precise detail

G/t kisses in general

Giant robots!!!

Intimidating and quite dominant/frightening giants actually being very respectful and careful around tinies because they know when to drop the act and respect people’s limits!!

Affectionate tinies who actively seek out attention and crave being held or interacted with!!!!!

Giants IN GLASSES!??!


Stunning Macro Shot Photography Reveal All Snowflakes are Unique by Alexey Kljatov

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov is an artist and photographer who continuously updates his series entitled Snowflakes and Snow Crystals. Kljatov takes stunning macro shots of natural snowflakes and hoarfrost crystals outside the house.

With a Canon A650 with a custom-built macro add-on, the photographer is able to capture the geometric beauty of each snowflake. Under the intense shot, he reveals that no two snowflakes look the same.

anas-imperfect-princess  asked:

Hi I have a question, I've been taking hair and nail vitamins for a while and they're 15 calories for 2 (the serving size) and I was wondering if I should count them in my calorie tracker or not. Thank you so much!

Hey! They pack small quantities of cal but, if you really want a precise calculation of cal and macros, definitely add those in! xx

okay but: Disabled/Chronically Ill tinies, and their giant friends helping them!

Tinies in wheelchairs who get help from their giant when there’s no wheelchair ramps, and their giant always having a pocket ready in case their wheelchair breaks or feels too confining on some days.

Tinies with vertigo issues, and giants moving super slowly and taking extra care when handling them, and catching them if they pass out or their vision goes all dizzy or black.

Tinies with migraines, their giant pal learning how to move as quiet as a mouse so as not to disturb them, and pockets would be the perfect place to rest in when the tiny needs to get away from bright lights and other triggers!

Tinies with chronic fatigue who get a hand from giants when they need it.

Deaf tinies, their giant learns how to use sign language to surprise them, only for both of them to burst out laughing when the giant realizes they can’t really sign while holding the tiny in their hands!

Giants carrying around tiny bottles of pain pills, tissues, spare crutches, other little things like that for their small sick friends.

Giants who always have a shoulder to cry on when things get too rough; they don’t exactly know what their small friend is going through but they’re always there to listen.

Plus, just imagine how cool the house setups would be! A giant’s kitchen covered in ramps so their tiny with a wheelchair can get around by themselves! Or a specially modified shoebox filled with soft blankets, that’s all dark and warm and cozy, for tinies with migraines or sensory issues! Maybe giants engineering special elevators/lifts for tinies who are weak or get worn out easily, and can’t rely on climbing up rope/thread to get to places. There’s so many possibilities!

cerulean--blues  asked:

Hmm... Charley and Eight, in the butterfly room? <3

I had to google the butterfly room, but it sounds lovely! And it definitely called for a little colour :)

G/T tags

Hm, since i know how hard it can be to find g/t related media, so lets share some tags and/or ideas. Finding g/t is all about getting creative in your search

 - minigirl/boy these tags are actually a thing, highly recommand using

 - while you might look for tag “giant tiny”, there might be a whole lot more stuff that you haven’t yet seen with “giant/tiny” tag (details details)

 - anime is a frigging heaven for all sorts of fetishes, so why not try some japanese googling?



Chocolate PB Cup Protein Cake

½ c orgain unsweetened almond milk, 2 eggs, ½ c egg whites, ½ c coconut flour, 1 scoop PES Chocolate PB Cup, 2 heaping tbsp light and fit Greek yogurt, 1 tsp baking soda. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes! It has crazy good macros so you can add whatever to them. I’ll be topping mine with peanut butter 👅👅

Not quite as exciting as the permanent marker, but it is a good demonstration of how much closer you can get when you add 6 macro extension tubes to an already macro lens.