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Hope you all get 5s! 💯💯💯

~G/t Halloween 2017~

Listen G/t fans! It’s time for the third annual G/t Halloween! This is one of the ways I give back to the community, because of how much I appreciate your love and support. So I need y'all to show me Halloween costumes of your personas/ocs so I can draw each and every one of you.

As last year, the cut off date is October 31st, Halloween day! Then on November 1st, I gather everyone that made a costume and draw a big collage of all of us together.

Whenever you’re done, please tag me and also put in the tags “g/t halloween” and/or “gthalloween2017”. This is a positive community project y'all, keep this as a no hate zone.

Thank y'all so much and I can’t wait to see everyone’s pretty faces. Love you all so much ❤️

Reblog this to spread the word, this might be a bigger collage than last years!

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Yep. I made my decision and it’s final.

I’m gonna be a G/t youtuber and I’ll talk about G/t things: movies, books, anime, tv shows while being my dorky self.

It’s not immediate because I’m a uni student lol so I got a lot of work to do and I’m getting an iPad Pro soon so I can work on my commissions and upcoming comic! I’m a busy tiny lady, y'all! What are some things you would want me to talk about?


I just saw the new Weetabix advert on TV and I love it so much oh my god