Sorry for taking so long with this, but here’s my Violet exact collection!

1. Free people spending time pullover in ivory
2. Free people all over lace pullover
3. Free people regal macrame top in blue
4. APC madras floral tiered midi dress
5. Splendid top in Viola
6. Pins and needles sweater
7. Lost in the forest pullover in white
8. Lost in the forest pullover in faded rose
9. Free people luscious lagoon web lace dress in grey
10. Free people storm slip
11. Free people gypsy cardigan
12. Levi’s fringe wrap
13. Free people floral burnout henley in black
14. Free people asymmetrical top
15. Free people French terry lace pullover
16. Kimchi blue dress (purple and black)
17. Forever 21 zig-zag cardigan

If you would like me to do a try on and/or how I would normally wear them out and/or my opinion on any of them, please let me know and I’ll do it in another post sometime! Hope you enjoyed!

New items not shown:
18. Grey floral burnout henley
19. Scandalous lace top in navy
20. Anthropologie Horkelia shift dress
21. Ecote striped purple sweater
22. Free people fit and flare dress in boysenberry
23. Feather top look alike
24. Brown high top converse
25. Raccoon hat
26. Free people crafty cuff thermal in mocha
27. Maroon/burgundy beanie
28. UO daisy crochet tights
29. Ecote equestrian ankle boots
30. Knee length socks with buttons
31. Trouvé sheer top
32. Kinks word of the mouth tee

Zoe exacts:
1. Topshop Dill overalls
2. Moon rise nights flight asymmetrical shirt
3. Gold buckle boots
4. Topshop mensy shorts
5. Topshop cape blouse