macrame magic

Secret witch tip!

Use macrame as discreet knot magic!

Many people have these wall hangings in their home as rustic decorations, but making your own can pass off as a fun craft project while secretly adding energies to the knots!

Bonus: use a wooden pole from a tree that matches your intention, and colored yarn or beads that correspond with the energies you’re putting in!

There’s tons of tutorials on youtube and online, so go wild!


I moved into a new apartment last weekend, and it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. It’s just  this big, empty, blank place that I’m still growing accustomed to. I felt inspired to make a wall decoration that I could also imbue with magic for protection, comfort, positivity, and new beginnings. Knot magic felt like the way to go, and this macrame wall hanging was the result. 

As I knotted the first row, I chanted: “My home protects me.”

As I knotted the second row, I chanted: “I am comfortable here.”

As I knotted the third row, I chanted: “My home is filled with positivity.”

As I knotted the fourth row, I chanted: “This is my new beginning.”

For the final row, I chanted: “This home will be my safe haven.” 

It’s a fairly simple design, so it only took about 45 minutes and cost less than $5 in materials. I placed the finished product above my bed, and had the best night of sleep since I moved in! What do you think?

i am exploring new ways of gathering money for my travels & to build a nest at some point. something that makes my heart bloom. something that lifts my soul & feels right and true. something creative. something beautiful. many ideas & visions are coming to light… writing a book. work with a friend in India (primitive tribal craft job offer ~). busking on the street. playing ukulele & singing. crochet clothing & crafts. making macrame crystals necklaces. take magical photographs through my travels & sell prints. make herbal & natural medicine and self care products ~ lip balms, body scrubs, tinctures, flower essences, healing mixes, soaps, tooth powder, herbal wild teas. selling energy balls on festivals & anywhere. start a vlog on travelling & living connected with nature & returning to our roots & rainbow life & natural diy products & endless things more… get random jobs while travelling. picking fruit & anything that flows… become a yoga teacher. so many possibilities. what a wonderful thing to know that we are choosing our life in each moment. if we don’t feel happy, we must see what it truly is that is making us feel not aligned with our heart purpose anymore… & change it. there are always solutions. always. there is always a path towards light & bliss. darkness & suffering is part of the journey but as teachers & helpers of our growth. but it’s not our natural tendency… light is in all our hearts. we are meant to be under the trees, in~joying each sacred present moment, finding joy in the simplest things, following our hearts & dreams, walking barefeet, smiling, hugging, learning, growing… loving infinitely. keep strong in your heart. always shine the light. if you’re not happy… sit down with yourself, breathe & ask yourself what is truly the root of that feeling. & how can you change it or accept it or see it in a different light. ❤ we are all in this together. i love you all so much.