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I moved into a new apartment last weekend, and it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. It’s just  this big, empty, blank place that I’m still growing accustomed to. I felt inspired to make a wall decoration that I could also imbue with magic for protection, comfort, positivity, and new beginnings. Knot magic felt like the way to go, and this macrame wall hanging was the result. 

As I knotted the first row, I chanted: “My home protects me.”

As I knotted the second row, I chanted: “I am comfortable here.”

As I knotted the third row, I chanted: “My home is filled with positivity.”

As I knotted the fourth row, I chanted: “This is my new beginning.”

For the final row, I chanted: “This home will be my safe haven.” 

It’s a fairly simple design, so it only took about 45 minutes and cost less than $5 in materials. I placed the finished product above my bed, and had the best night of sleep since I moved in! What do you think?


Colorful Rainbow Bracelet Tutorial >
This bracelet looks good from both sides and its easy to make.

out-of-idol-curiosity  asked:

How does one create occult... macrame? Or is all macrame occult by nature? I was under the impression it was a wholesome art, but apparently it is knot.

Occult macrame would be interesting! But I didn’t have enough of either to fill separate boxes, soo…

(Nice pun, too. My folks would enjoy that!)

DIY: mini knotted plant hanger

If you’re scrambling for a last-minute gift, or are haunted by endless blank walls and empty spaces, this quick craft is your solution. 

Start simply with some rope and a plant of your choosing. I typically go for thinner rope, which makes for daintier hangings.

Cut 4 pieces of rope about 2.5 times what you envision your final product to be. 

Fold the ropes in half to create a loop and tie a knot. This will serve as your hanger. 

After the top knot is complete, begin your first row of knots by tying two adjacent strings together. Repeat this pattern until each rope is tied to the one next to it. 

For your next row, tie knots a couple inches below the row above, using one string from each pair to make a new knot. Be sure that you continue to use adjacent ropes so that the knots continue a circular pattern. 

You can pick any amount of knotted rings you’d like. The width that the knots are apart from one another depend on the width of your plant. For example, if your plant is smaller, you may want to make the rows of knots closer together to create a weaved look around your plant. 

Finally, tie one knot at the bottom of the plant hanger using all of the strings, similar to how you made the top (just without the loop). 

Your final product should be a variation of the plant hanger pictured below

You can utilize different textures and make them in multiples - they sure look good together. 

I hope this little demonstration pumps some inspiration into your bloodstream. Happy crafting!


DIY Macrame Fishbone Bracelet with Beads >


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.17.16

theme: bohemian wedding finds
modern boho crochet lace dress by annaskoblikova

is this the cutest modern-hippie bride ever? i think so. the chic crochet dress is unique, bohemian-inspired, and perfectly accented by the wild flower crown and bouquet.
CLEARANCE SALE - Pastel Lift Bracelet for Fitness Motivation and Weight Lifting, Hand Knotted Macrame Jewelry Ready to Ship
Lift. The perfect bracelet for anyone obsessed with lifting weights, or a great reminder of your own fitness goals. You will receive one pastel bracelet with the word, lift, in the center. Made with high quality hemp cord, which is durable, eco-friendly and comfortable to wear. This bracelet is 7 inches in size and ready to ship. * 100% handmade * Eco-friendly material * Packgaged in a small gift bag
Flying Heart Bracelet Tutorial >

Handmade indoor/outdoor macrame plant hanger made of braided cotton clothesline and brass ring accents; Great for a sunlit patio or a bright kitchen breakfast nook! Length is 29″ top to bottom, and best fits pots or bowls 5″-8″ in diameter.

12 Favorite Macrame Jewelry DIYs. Roundup by truebluemeandyou. If you are interested in macrame, a  jewelry project is a great place to start.

Macrame Stone Necklace  from Essas Frescurites.

External image

Shourouk Inspired Macarame Rhinestone Button Bracelet from Honestly…WTF.

External image

J.Crew Inspired Silk Knotted Jeweled Necklace from Thanks, I Made It. 

External image

Macrame Fringed Necklace by Megan Todd.

External image

Netted Stone Necklace from Lune Blog.

External image

Box Braid Hardware Necklace from Wardrobe Recycle.

External image

Macrame Gem Necklace from sustainability in style.

External image

Macrame Paracord Bracelet from Remarkably Domestic.

External image

Macrame Hanging Plant Earrings from honeythistle.

External image

Box Braid Hardware Necklace from Honestly WTF.

External image

Chan Luu  Friendship Metal Tube Bracelet from inspiration & realisation.

External image

Macrame Square Knot Beaded Bracelet from Lebenslustiger.

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This tutorial shows how to wrap a Stone easily (Make Cabochon using Macrame knots). With this style you can make your own amulets, pendants or necklaces, also you can wrap a coins or anything else.  It’s easy to make and suitable for kids and beginners. I hope you will find this helpful!