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CLEARANCE SALE - Hand Knotted Black Skull Light Pink Hemp Bracelet, Halloween Fanatic Gift Idea, Bubble Goth Jewelry
Hand knotted light pink hemp bracelet, with a black howlite skull bead in the middle. This is the perfect little gift for your favorite Halloween fanatic - and they can wear it year round, too! Size is 7 inches, and I only have one left, so get it before its gone! *** Originally $10, now reduced to $5 *** Ready to ship once order confirmation is received.

Obsessed with Halloween?  This one’s for you.

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colorado gothic
  • in your dreams you are riding a blue horse with eyes that flash a brilliant red.  when you wake, you can hear hooves behind you, hot breath on the back of your neck.  you are in the middle of the city. 
  • it is spring. it is summer. it is fall. it is winter. it has been one week. you leave the state and you have aged ten years.  
  • you are visiting a friend’s home, and he goes into an attic closet to find something.  there is a fluttering sound when the door opens, and then silence.  precisely an hour later, you go to find him.  he is standing alone, still and silent in the middle of the room, under the bare bulb.  he turns to look at you, and thousands of tiny brown moths pour from his mouth. 
  • the tumbleweeds are piled over your doors, your windows. you have not seen the sun in days.  you know they will not let you leave.
  • which way should you go? towards the mountains. always to the mountains.  you are lost, but the mountains still draw you forwards.
  • may comes. you cannot tell if what is falling from the sky is ash, or snow.  you cannot breathe either way. 
  • Casa Bonita is a maze, a labyrinth.  you will never get out.  every turn takes you back to the gift shop. “more sopapillas?” says the waitress. as you watch, her eyeballs fall out of her skull and into the water below. the crowd cheers lazily. 
  • you are certain your neighbor is a bear. he has eaten two of your cats already.  when you complain to the police, they fault you for leaving your garbage bins open.  the bear waves from the porch. 
  • you tear the plastic from a yogurt cup.  a thick liquid covers your eyes, your face.  your walls are dripping.  you are not sure what the liquid is, just that it is bitter and there is far more of it than could possibly be in that tiny cup. 
  • you are too scared to admit that you can’t tell the difference between one kind of craft beer and the other.  they are always listening.  
  • one mile.  one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile above sea level. one mile. 
  • one day on your way to work, roadwork cones directed you down a detour.  there were no construction workers to be seen, no signs.  you drove and drove and drove until the road turned to dirt.  the construction will be over soon.  the potholes have teeth. 
  • alfred packer understood some things about the mountains. you try to climb a fourteener with some friends and you understand some things, too. 
  • like icarus you are too near the sun.  your skin blackens and hisses.  your mother shakes her head.  "should have brought more sunscreen.“ 
  • you day-trip to Boulder. everyone wears the same hemp macrame necklace and pendant like they belong to some kind of secret society.  you try to buy a bag of organic granola, and everyone on the street opens their mouth and screeches static.  are you one of them now? or should you run and never look back? 
  • you have never skied in your life.  every time you open your closet, there are another pair of skis.
Aqua Aura Quartz Necklace

The hemp necklace pictured was made with dark brown hemp cord in a braided style with an aqua aura quartz crystal pendant. The crystals are large aqua aura quartz crystals, each measuring approximately 2.25 inches x 0.6 inches. You can choose what colour you want the necklace chain!



Brand new crystal necklaces!

Aqua Aura Quartz Necklace -

Green Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace -

Tanzanite Aura Quartz Necklace -

Ruby Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace -

Tangerine Aura Quartz Raw Crystal Necklace -

Blue Crystal Necklace -