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*The sound of a firm metal thud resonates through the empty ruins as macoy drops into the skylight and lands hard on the ground. Once he's landed he starts to look around, going deeper and deeper into the ruins to explore them and soon to explore the underground itself.*

The ruins where truly ruins. Ravaged, cracked everywhere, dark and scary…. dust lying on the floor and a dead silence… no one was inside. Ahead you could find what was left of a lovely house who was now just abandoned and falling apart, a tree was lying on the floor pitifully in multiples pieces.

The exit was in the dark and crumbling house, the stairs where damaged and cracked too, the corridor as well. The door leading to a brighter but colder place where closed but there was a huge hole in them so it was technically open.

Snowdin was brighter than the ruins for sure, snow was curiously falling in this place. A corridor of trees was the first thing anyone would see. But even there some trees where laying on the ground…… What do you do?

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*Macoy returned to the house after another of his walks. He came into rose's room to check on her which he had been doing often seeing the size of her belly now*

She was just finishing the last craving as he walked in, she had gotten much better since she was on maturity leave for her own good “hey macoy” she smiles clearly tired

X-Men:Days Of Future Pats Was AMAZING!!!!!!!

My favorite superheroes movies ever..


 Hugh Jackman as Wolverine continue to be Awesome…

You guys know what scene I’m talking about *WINK, WINK*

Mystique was Bad-ass!

everytime Michael Fashbender was on screen…

When all the mutant started to die…

but my ultimate favorite in this movie was James Macoy…He just break my heart… If I cry in this movie was because of him…just great acting 

the End Credit scene…. i don’t read comic books but I was like:

OHHHH I AMOST FORGOT: QUICKSILVER…That Dude was awesome…so much FUN! LOVE HIM!!!!!!

HE OWNS EVERY SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



lol. I’m a new Vampire buuuut I love this song <3 

Chicoscience or Chicosci pareho lang haha

away2 pa sila . lol (((;

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Bones: “Permission to speak freely sir.” Spock: “I welcome it.” Bones: “Do you? Okay then. Are you outta your Vulcan mind? Are you making a logical choice sending Kirk away, probably, but the right one, back home we got a saying, if you’re gonna ride in the Kentucky derby you don’t leave your prize stallion in the stable.” Spock: “A curious metphor doctor as a stallion must first be broken before it can reach its potential.” Bones: “My God man you could atleast act like it was a hard decision.”