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Batman “Arkham Knight” Theory: Question is, who is the “Arkham Knight” ?

Well here’s what we think. The Batman Arkham games have had no mention of Jason Todd or his alter ego Red Hood. Dick and Tim have been around though, meaning somewhere Joker killed Jason Todd.

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In reference to a more recent story arc, “Battle of the Cowl” as seen in the photo above, Jason was armored out and looking very similar to this “Arkham Knight”.

Lastly looking closely at the picture of this mystery character, besides the splash of red on the armor, all you really need to do is…remove the bat horns and make the mask red. If you still don’t see it picture him with a jacket on as well.

The mystery character “Arkham Knight” is Jason Todd. Red Hood and his origin is very popular, The Red Hood animated movie was excellent, why would they not adapt that story arc now into the very popular Batman video game series?

Sorry for the spoilers, but I’m not wrong.