I say YES to the new Bat Suit and fully approve Batfleck

As long as he never takes it off. No offense to the actor but we do not need a Bruce Wayne just yet and this cowl is the closest thing to the comics we have ever had. The Joker was unrecognizable throughout TDK, everyone doubted Heath Ledger. Additionally this is a Superman movie first, there won’t be time for suit and ties and some mystery to who is Batman wouldn’t be a bad thing. Keep Ben in the cowl and we can stop calling him Batfleck and start calling him Batman. Let this do good and we can get a solo movie all about him.

Harvey Awards 2014 Final Ballot. Here We Go!

The Harvey Award is given out at Baltimore Comic Con since 2006 and many other cons before that. It is for Achievements in comics much like the Eisner Awards. This years final ballot is full of goodies so lets get started.

First off Valiant Entertainment took home the most nominations and their title Quantum and Woody took home the most nominations for one title so hats off the Valiant and if you’re not reading any of their titles you need to change that.

Up First is Best Writer, which has who you would hope to see. Brain K. Vaughn for Saga. Mark Waid for Daredevil. Matt Fraction for Hawkeye.  Matt Kindt gets a nomination for his work in MIND MGMT. And Newcomer James Asmus gets a nomination for Quantum and Woody.

Best Artist has some of the usual suspects such as David Aja (Hawkeye), Chris Samnee (Daredevil), and Fiona Staples (Saga). But sees some Fresh faces with Dan Parent (Kevin Keller), Nate Powell (March: Book One), and Jeff Stokely (Six Gun Gorilla)

skipping ahead to Best New Series we have some tough choices. Quantum and Woody, Afterlife with Archie, Sex Criminals, Six Gun Gorilla, and Suicide Risk are all worthy so we shall see who takes the crown. 

As For Best Continuing or Limited Series Saga is looking to recapture its title as Daredevil and Hawkeye battle new comers Mouse Guard : Legends of the Guard Vol.2, HIT, and Archer & Armstrong.

There are many other categories that you can see and vote for HERE

-Jeremiah Jay


This is for you BENDIS, it’s all for you. Nerd Tantrum Ep1

the-comics-sans asked:

Hey MAC! Just wanted to say that your stuff is great and thanks for always posting cool content. Let me know if you guys are ever make the journey over from New Jersey to the Seattle area and we should go out for some coffee/beer/food!

That would be great, idk exactly when we’ll be in your area but definitely one of the cities we’d want to travel to and cover. Thanks for the compliment and same to you, we love your blog as well! 

Unreleased Interview - - 2013

Explain your website? Modern Age Comics is a comic book website that focuses solely on what is new. Our site is a blog based page that is everything the big name websites can’t be. We can answer questions, tell new readers where to start, give our opinions, share amazing art, promote comics, provide the big news, and having brutally honest reviews.  Basically we try to be part of the comic book community because at the end of the day we are fans just like you.

Have you always been into comics? I would say yes, between my father and uncle I was immersed quite young. From age 2 you can see photos of me in Superman pajamas and homemade cape. From there I went to the animated series to reading trades and back issues given to me from my uncle and his close friend. In all honesty the Wednesday ritual has only been for the past few years.

What compelled you to start the website? The original idea was to give myself a way of communicating with the comic book community and share what I was learning as I went along.

When did you start? Shortly before New York comic con 2011. We went there not even thinking on a level of promoting as we called it “the blog” but when we came back we knew that when we returned the next year we would be ready. From that point.. that is when it turned from my online diary to a second job.

Did you have any difficulties starting up? The beginning was the easiest, if you compare then to the now, I really knew nothing and all I wanted to do was learn. The blog in the beginning was mostly just art that amused me that I would then research and in many cases seek out to read. I didn’t  give myself so many regulations and goals yet!

Are things easier today?  I wouldn’t say difficult but more on the overwhelming side especially since our audience is growing faster than ever. What is easier is that currently some old friends and new ones have joined me and what amazing difference they have been.

Have you noted any progress now that the site has been running for a while? The last year there has been the most progress. Multiple press passes, free comics, and action figures to be reviewed. Followers are jumping on board at double the speed this time last year. Additionally I’ve had a lot of great and creative people contact me recently and that is what really had me notice the progress.

For whom is the site intended? Our idea is to remain grounded and relevant to everything new and to be friendly to new readers and reliable to the veterans. Whether you simply own a Batman T-shirt or spend over 100 at the comic shop each week. But beyond that, we are here for the small time creators and up and comer’s. We always offer help in the form of advertisement and attention.

What do you think the state of the comics industry is like at the moment? Between the avengers and the dark Knight, the new 52 and Marvel now, the walking dead, and the now digital availability.. comic books are making a great comeback and it is an amazing time to be a fan or creator.

What you’re doing is often an endless and rarely thankful task, do you feel you get the credit you deserve? I think of our website as shared information, So I really don’t feel the need to be credited and really I am not alone I have great people that help me work every day to keep it going. Really our opinions or thoughts is what separate us from the larger well known comic book websites so when we get responses, that is thanks enough, that shows us that what we think can be valued.

What keeps you going?  Many things, the feeling of a connection to the comic book community, assisting creators, and helping fans that may have questions or looking for a place to start. Being a fan of something and then talking about it with people all over the world, nothings better.

In your opinion how much do sites such as yours contribute to the industry? Mainly what we can do is to help new readers take that scary step into our world, bring veteran readers news and opinions that are without a persuading profit, and attempt to assist creators starting out.

You must put a lot of time and effort to keep it going for no financial gain whatsoever, do you feel you get enough respect for what you do? If you add up every follower from each platform we post to.. all the views we receive each day.. I would say yes, when someone makes one click to see what we have to say on a daily basis, that is more than enough for us.

You do a lot of quality comic book reviews on your site, how can creators get their books reviewed on your site? Just ask, I will repeat again and again we are just fans and we will review whatever you ask us to.  I do want to say though our complete review section at this moment can be represented by one person and if you’re not familiar with his work we all recommend you read what he has produced for us. I originally was trying to do reviews myself but found time was not enough,  sought out for help amongst the community, and  received and befriend  one of the best writers I have yet to know.

Do you have any submission requirements? No we do not. We answer and try to make good to all requests. We are open to anything you feel we should share.. comic book related of course.

How can they get in touch with you? As of now by email is the best way to ask or send us something. But if you have a more pressing matter that you need us for, simply give your name and number and the appropriate member of the site will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you do interviews on your site? That is the one thing we have yet to really accomplish. We are still open for more people to work on the site and opened for someone to take the role as a bit of the public speaker. It is something we are moving towards and talk about often.

You travel to a lot of conventions what sort of feedback do you get? As of now we stick to solely east coast conventions over here in the U.S. but as the site is growing larger and those who work on the site are increasing we do plan within to venture out even possibly across some water.

Have creators ever spoke to you about reviews of their work in a convention? Not at a convention but a good example of what you’re asking is this when the colorist of the current Deadpool series Val Staples wrote to us generally reminding us to give his position more attention in our reviews.  We kindly responded with a previous review of a different comic he worked on a month earlier where we specifically mentioned how great he was. He was nice enough to send us a holiday card later that year.

Do you find conventions useful for networking? Conventions are way too hectic for networking to the general public nor are we trying to bother anyone or waste paper. When we go we mingle mostly with small and will hand out a card and say love to review your work, check out our page.

Do you have any interesting stories that happend in a show you’d like to share? There are plenty of interesting stories from conventions, from seeing Robert Kirkman casually walk by, chasing Scott Snyder with an owl mask, to making friends on a line waiting to meet Grant Morrison… each convention we go to becomes all we talk about until another comes around. There really is no way to describe the things you see.

Do you have any projects for the future? We’re in the process of gathering looking for ways to become better acquainted with smalltime creators. We are still brainstorming new ways of presenting reviews and giveaways. We even are talking of bringing in new members for those who are willing to contribute, no better way to be community based then to have them work on the page. Although the day to day project is always sharing, helping, and build bonds. 

At this point, this is more than just a hobby.               


-Modern Age Comics

Fan expo 2013

By Jessa Sabater


               Since 2012, my friend and I had made it an annual tradition to explore fan expo, and this year it has made itself more stimulating than the last.

               Fan expo is an annual event that happens for an entire weekend at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto, ON.  Enthusiasts of diverse interests come together to seek memorabilia, events and mainly to have a good time with others that have the same interests. Most people take this event seriously and proudly display their affection for their interest by cosplaying characters from that particular idol.

               My experience this year was very different than the last. I started by receiving a V.I.P weekend pass from my father as an early birthday gift, so I was off to an amazing start. Although one thing I thought was really unnecessary was that I was not allowed to take off the wrist band I have received for the whole entire weekend, and if it was damaged or opened I was not allowed back in. As much as I pride myself in my love affair with my geeky side I had to go to work the next day and that was not exactly the most professional thing to have on my wrist. I loved going to these events because I felt that I could be myself and no one would judge me for how in love with Batman Detective comics I was into or Birds of Prey comics! I could have a pleasant conversation with a stranger and preach my opinions of latest news and there was no reluctance. It was heaven on Earth. Well for me anyways.

               I researched the prices online before I wanted to purchase one, and I must say it was really pricey, especially for a day pass. Each day would be a different price, but the only benefit it came with was the in and out privileges, It was not really good for anything else. When purchasing your day pass it was pretty excruciating due to the fact there were a lot people. Workers would sell the tickets at the back of the building where technically distributors were to unload their trucks for their products. It was a long spiral tunnel that had very little light and if you were cluster phobic you would have a really tough time in there, probably an hour or so wait depending on what time you get there with no wiggle room since everyone is tightly banded together. Oh it was dreadful, that is why I was so thankful I had that weekend pass.  Personally if you do want to go to fan expo, I suggest you buy it online so you don’t have to wait through that.

               Even though buying tickets on the day of was horrible, once you get in it’s purely ecstasy. Everyone dresses up in lovely costumes for the most part and so many things to see! My friend and I had set up shop at the lego section where you can make your own lego creation for free.  Each year there’s a theme that contributes on what you make and they have little workshops where it teaches you step by step on how to make them and then you can take them home. Last year it was a batman/superman symbol which I took full advantage of that and could even get extras to bring home, but this year it was star wars themed and we made x- wing fighter ships and played with them on the way home.

               Comic book illustrators and writers have their own section and I basically spent most of my time there, because I have always been in love with their art work and I grew up on theirs. I find that even more illustrators/writers from actual novels promote their work in this section too and it’s always so fascinating to find new material to read. All the artists are so friendly and will even take pictures with their fans. They make their illustrations right in front of you and you can even purchase them, they may be a bit pricey but it’s totally worth it getting a brand new personal drawing by an artist you admire. This year I didn’t actually purchase anyone’s artwork but I did go around and talk to Jason Fabok (Detective comics).

               Merchandisers from across the country sell their products and make a ton of money by doing so. They are sectioned off by anime, comic books, and trading cards; and my friends and I spent a lot of time in these sections. There wasn’t a lot of room to actually move freely because it was a very crowded place to begin with, in fact a guy we met told us that in previous years they had to stop selling tickets due to the fact it became so crammed, it became a fire hazard. The things they sold this year did not really impress me, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I came early, I guess because they only brought what was in season they didn’t have older classics such as the older Pokemon plush toys which was rather disappointing. The prices were reasonable for the most part, yet I believe they brought multiple items that people would not actually spend that much on them such as lightsabers that cost up to $700.00, but we did happen to buy a few anime posters and Lolita jewellery.

               Eb games had their own section, which was a smart idea due to the fact they made killer deals which attracted a lot of gamers. I assumed their reasoning was to get rid of all out of season merchandise to make room for the new games coming in this fall such as the new Call Of Duty: Ghost, Battlefield 4 and so on. Needless to say they did well. They were right in between the two battling industries of Microsoft Xbox and the Sony Playstation ordeal. Microsoft was promoting their new Xbox One coming out later on this year and was actually better at promoting than I thought compared to Sony. They came out with free lanyards to carry your V.I.P pass as long as you play their games or do fun green screen effects you can bring home. Unfortunately I didn’t see that much promotion on the Sony side when it came to promoting the PS4, although I did get to play it and it was quite enjoyable playing Forza. Being a huge batman Fan, Arkham Origins had its own section and it was amazing. People got to play first hand the new game and can buy statues related to the game, which was displayed.

               Of course there was food and multiple cafeterias for everyone to enjoy and eat and was sponsored my Pizza Pizza, but it was overpriced therefore the majority just roamed around downtown finding cheaper things to indulge in. In the hallways multiple cosplayers took pictures with one another and I gave them around of applause because they had to deal with maintaining that look for that whole entire day, whether they were in a full out suit or a dress, they all looked amazing and did a way better job than last year.

               This year was Sailor Moon’s anniversary, therefore most of the voice actors were there and if you got something for them to sign they would sign it absolutely for free. Actors and voice actors from the family/Disney channel would appear there and do signings and pictures as well, I felt as a little kid yet again.

A separate building was for the more famous people because their line ups would be rather long. It was magnificent. Last year I did not get to see a lot of famous people that I actually knew but this year, just being in their presence made me feel so happy and giddy. My task was to find Veronica Taylor who was the voice of Ash Ketchum from Pokemon and I found her, right after I bumped into David Hasselholff. I thought they would be surrounded by more security but there was only perhaps one person per celebrity. I got to see George Takei, and I fell in love when I got to see Stephen Amell from Arrow’s face, he was so insanely handsome I couldn’t take it. 

Our weekend went by fast, but we gotten a few photos and a bunch of memories, I think it could of gotten better by adding more enticing features such as more merchandise that more people would love but it was mainly for the social aspect that people went, which I agree to because everyone deserves attention at least once in their life and this weekend they definitely got it. Therefore, it was good time and next year we plan to make it a grander event and make more memories out of it!