I met John Garcia from Kyuss tonight! What a dream.. I’ve been listening to this guy since I was 15! He signed my 3 Kyuss records and was super nice, I got a few photos taken by the official people but this is the best I have for now  :( I asked him about the Vista Chino record .. it’s “fucking bad ass”, coming out in September and they will be back in Australia in January for another headline tour! Fuck Yeah! Definitely just ticked this off my bucket list, only 847520983752 more things to do.. and I’m gonna do em all.


Just got sent the ‘official’ photos from the Unida night.. not my finest hour! free alcohol all night does that haha but they’re kinda cool anyway so fuck it. John Garcia from Kyuss/Unida and Arthur Seay from Unida/House of Broken Promises/tech for Slipknot. So much fun, such a cool night!

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my mom tried ordering macnuggets at wendys I waas so emabrarrased omg

aw man, thats embarassing i guess

My latest work in Beat magazine.. I’ve been locked away working for these guys for ageeessssss… glad its finally out. Another lil somethin’ somethin’ coming soon!