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A MCBURGER. A M C B U R GER. I think you mean big Mac sweetie. And I shall. And some chicken macnuggets

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magnus chase and nico maybe? if u haven't read mcga then could you write about nico and mitchell the aphrodite kid?

mango cheese/nickleback and also that one guy, i got u boi!!!!!


- when they first meet in boston they do not trust each other one single bit. Nico is just glaring at Magnus like “???? what the fuck are u, you not dead person” and Magnus is like “why??? are??? you??? staring?????????” and it takes a lot of mediating on Annabeth’s part to get them to not just stab each other right then and there.

- after everyone is calmed and placated, Nico and Magnus get pretty chill. They trade stories of being homeless, grumpy youths and stuff that has tried to kill them. Their dry senses of humor mesh well and they find each other very fun to to talk too

- Annabeth is so invested in the two of them getting together. She tries to be subtle about setting them up, but honestly they see what shes doing from the moment she asks Nico to “show her favorite cousin around Manhattan”. Nico does not know his way around Manhattan. at all. They get fuckin lost as shit but they have a good time so they dont mind.

- They never ‘officially’ start dating, because they are both lame and neither would ask the other out. They just kinda end up together and silently agree that theyre a ‘thing’ now.

- Hazel threatens Magnus’s eternal life if he hurts her brother. But then immediately goes back to being sweet as apple pie, and he finds her terrifying honestly.

-  Magnus manipulates the weather a bit whenever they are together, so that Nico is never cold even in the dead of winter which is super cute.

- Arguments over what is better, Macnuggets or Falafel



- Mitchell had such a crush on Nico. He had it bad, man. writing his name in his journal with little hearts around it and shit. But he refuses to just go and talk to him. He’s nervous and shy and not super confident in himself but he thinks Nico is really cute and cool and mysterious. The other aphrodite kids got so sick of watching him that they basically force the two together.

- Piper tries to be gentle in encouraging Mitchell to talk to him. She knows Nico thinks he’s cute too and can see the potential in the pair, but he’s so stubborn!!! At a certain point it just became frustrating. She will never ever admit to it, but she may or may not have used charmspeak to ‘encourage’ her brother to just go up to Nico and say ‘hi’

- Nico, all the while, was super surprised about this. He thought Mitchell was cute, yeah, but he didnt think he noticed him. It was a shocking revelation to say the least.

- They go out on a date or two, both kind of shy and awkward and not sure what to say. Its very cute though, and all the while aphrodite kids are spying on them and secretly rooting for them. Even Drew thinks its a little sweet but ‘still totally lame or whatever’

- They have a first kiss on their third date, when Nico walks him back to Aphrodite Cabin. A chorus of wolf whistle can immediately be heard coming from inside and he retreats back to his own cabin completely red.

- They’d be very cute. Mitchell is super affectionate, and gives Nico little pecks on the cheek, which makes him blush and turn really really red. He figures out that Nico is not actually cool and mysterious, but really just a big nerd who is very sweet and plays nerdy card games.

- Nico trains Mitchell how to sword fight. He’s a very gentle teacher, and Mitchell is a surprisingly fast learner! sometimes he pretends not to know how to do something for a little bit longer, just so Nico can show him~

woo! thats all for those two. I had a bit of a harder time with the magnus one, I hope you still like it though. I honestly love writing about the lesser known characters because i feel like i get to play with them more, so writing about mitchell was really fun!

again, still takin requests, though if any new ones come in they will have to wait there till i get to them tomorrow (unless bobbie decides to answer them tonight)


I met John Garcia from Kyuss tonight! What a dream.. I’ve been listening to this guy since I was 15! He signed my 3 Kyuss records and was super nice, I got a few photos taken by the official people but this is the best I have for now  :( I asked him about the Vista Chino record .. it’s “fucking bad ass”, coming out in September and they will be back in Australia in January for another headline tour! Fuck Yeah! Definitely just ticked this off my bucket list, only 847520983752 more things to do.. and I’m gonna do em all.