I met John Garcia from Kyuss tonight! What a dream.. I’ve been listening to this guy since I was 15! He signed my 3 Kyuss records and was super nice, I got a few photos taken by the official people but this is the best I have for now  :( I asked him about the Vista Chino record .. it’s “fucking bad ass”, coming out in September and they will be back in Australia in January for another headline tour! Fuck Yeah! Definitely just ticked this off my bucket list, only 847520983752 more things to do.. and I’m gonna do em all.

enkindlers asked:

1, 2, 3, 4 and 9 for the sole survivor ask??

1. Who is their best female friend?

Piper, because she’s sweet and fun and surprisingly normal compared to most of her other new friends in the Commonwealth (not to mention a little scary when she absolutely needs to be).

2. Who is their best male friend?

*gestures to the copious amounts of Deacon-related trash I’ve written*

3. Who is their current romantic partner(s)?

In-game I’ve romanced Danse and MacDaddy, currently working on Curie. In her canon story, it’s probably gonna be Curie or Mac if I decide to give her a love interest (though Glory is 99% responsible for her bisexual awakening).

4. What was their late spouse like?

A big adorable sweetheart, puppy dog in human form (also heard he had an eight pack. that pre-war spouse was shredded).

9. Are any companions jealous of their romantic partner?

Lmao I think MacNuggets has got issues with me fucking everyone else in the Commonwealth, and Deacon seems to canonically hate InstaMac’s guts because they spend so much time together. My Sole is a playa.