Tiny Smutty One Shot

Tom actor and oc

Warning Smut

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

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Tom gets a rotten summer job but finds it has perks.

All Tom had ever wanted to do since he was 13 was act, one trip to see Shakespeare do his stuff and the rest as they said was history. But every actor has to start somewhere and here he was outside MacDonald dress as fucking Ronald MacDonald, hoping and praying with all his heart that his Eton friends never guessed it was him.

His idea of a summer job had been something cool but they had all gone to the bods who had someone on the inside leaving for the rest of the world with things like this.

Eight hours a day of wandering around being molested by sticky fingered kids and having fries thrown at him by other hilarious teens. This was not the kind of job you picked up girls with, what beauty would want to be seen with a six foot clown with big feet and orange hair.

Tom looked around as he handed out leaflets giving details of the delicious food inside. He himself was allowed free grub but strangely after week three felt the need to bring a sandwich instead. On the grounds, he said of not wanting to put on weight.

Oh here we go, couple at six o'clock, guaranteed that the guy make some “funny" remark bloody hell though that girl was hot and cute and…..

“Oh Ronald how’s your curly fries?” In his best not Tom voice, Tom replied.

“Fine good Sir, and how are you and your beautiful lady today?” and gave a bow

“You taking the piss CoCo Fuck off” no pleasing some people Tom thought.

The day passed about as slow as a day could and he was about to go into the takeaway to get out of the outfit and go home, when he was grabbed from behind.

“Hi Ronald, want to play" he turned to see the cute girl from the mornings couple looking at him with the most lecherous look he had ever seen.

“Come on sweetie make a girls dream come true I’ve had a thing for Ronald McDonald since I was seven and you look like a big one!”

“Um, ehehehehehe…. It’s not McDonald policy to Um …..”

“Shag the customers” she smiled and ran her hand through his fake hair and then leaned in, kissed his red nose and gave it a honk, adding a pinch on the bum for good measure.

“Oh come on gorgeous, you know you want to!”

Tom looked around him for a safe exit, found none and couldn’t run in the stupid shoes so made an executive decision. Grabbing her by the hand and Pulling her into the shop by the back door, he led her to the locker rooms and prayed to every God he knew of that no one would walk in. Once in the room the girl needed no invitation and slung her arms round his neck, kissing him deeply.

“ I want you to make me see those Golden arches, now let’s see if you are a quarter pounder or not” and with that she dropped her hand down and proceeded to run it over Tom’s cock through the light material of his costume.

“Oh my God you’re a Big Mac and I bet you’re a Big Tasty too" she dropped to her knees unzipping the suit as she did so. With a swift tug she’d got his shorts down and his manhood now very firm, in her hands. Swirling her tongue around the head she smiled up at him.

“Now don’t you come in a Macflurry I want to enjoy my happy meal” and with that she took him in her mouth and sucked like she was drinking a big shake through a straw.

With one hand on his cock and the other on his fruit bag, she slurped happily away and Toms breathing got faster. His hands went to her head and pulled her closer as he now pumped back till he spilt his seed in her mouth. Swallowing, she then licked him like a cornetto till he was clean and bright.

“Well my funny guy I had my happy meal how about you have a Macmuffin” she didn’t even wait for a replied just removed her shorts and panties and sat down on the nearest chair with her legs wide open. Tom slid down on to the floor and decided to tease her by crawling to her on all fours and then rubbing his orange fake hair up the the inside of her legs before pushing his clown nose on to her very wet folds and nuzzling her. She squealed in pure delight as he then ran his tongue from top to bottom, gently at first and then as she pulled his head in as hard as she could he sucked and slurped on her clit with the gusto of a very hungry man before she screamed her pleasure at him and dragged him up demanding he fuck her hard and fast. Ronald was very happy to please and thrust his Big Mac into her pumping at a furious rate with her clawing at his butt and wrapping her legs round him. Both came in a Macflurry and were left breathless on the floor where they seem to have landed.

“Well honey you have just given total customer satisfaction, and made a dream come true” she giggled, got up replaced her clothes and strutted out the back door. Tom sitting on the floor in his Ronald McDonald outfit with a big grin on his face decided that maybe this wasn’t such a bad gig after all.

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