macmanus sandwich

Macmanus Brothers Sandwich PT.1

You said it wouldn’t happen again, but look where you are again. Your mind racing as broken breaths escape your throat. Your eyes are flickering, losing yourself in the moment. Two pairs of hands travelling your body, Two pairs of lips devouring you, Two pairs of eyes looking at you with hunger and lust. Your inner strength to fight it, falling away. Pinned up against the wall of your office, Murphy and Connor taking it in turns drinking you up by the mouthful; their bodies pressed up against yours. You feel the excitement rushing through your body. You could have said no, but all you wanted to scream was yes! Yes it was wrong but it felt so right, every time. Straddling them on the office chairs, fumbling in the stationary cupboard or being taken on the desk. This time it was evident it would be more explosive than ever. This time it was both of them. Your hands are trapped beneath the strong arms of Connor, whilst Murphy’s quick hands are working their way up your thighs. lips are attaching to your neck, fast hungry kisses making their way down to your collarbone. You groan out in pleasure throwing your head back slightly. You feel yourself being picked up and propped up on the desk and one pair of hands sweeps everything off it. You giggle slightly as they both start to peel of your clothes, tickling your bare skin in the process; sending you wild with delight.

“Ya bin a bad girl lass” Murphy whispers, his breath against your neck.


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