Self Doubt….

Have you ever caught yourself doubting your ability to achieve something?  Like your going to be competing in something and you begin to think someone is better than you or your not good enough… Or before you go take a test you start to doubt that you know the answers… People tell me that only people who are not confident in their abilities doubt themselves. I am a very confident person, but I still doubt myself! 

What can be done about this????

Well I am going to be doing a competition here in a few weeks and I am going to try something new! Every time I doubt myself I am going to take a step back and remind myself that I am good enough to win! Even if the judges don’t see it, that doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough! It just means the judges saw something different in another person they might of liked better! I invite all of you to do the same! For school, competitions, public speeches, auditions, talking to a new person! Anything that makes you doubt yourself, remind yourself why you are good enough! Believe in yourself and AMAZING things can and WILL happen!!

XOXO Maclover65

What do you think?

So I have been thinking about what to show you guys! This is a topic that I am never sure about! What do you guys want to see? In videos, twitter, or tumblr? Do you want advice? What do you want to see in my videos? I want to hear from you guys! Let me know what you think!!!!!