Landing in print still feels cool

The fine folks at MacLife approached me recently about starting a monthly column, and I was happy to hop aboard. Instead of the “how will we use this thing five years from now” empty calories, we quickly found our topical interests were aligned in exploring actual, real-world trends in technology that change the world or how we use it.

For example, my first column is about how more of our everyday apps and services—Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Evernote—are transitioning to subscription models, and how this is great for both businesses and consumers.

You can grab the issue in print for $6 USD or in Mac|Life’s iOS app on sale for the moment at just $2.

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Have you ever wondered just how far one could go with an iPad? This guy did. Check out his incredible Morgan Freeman finger drawing. makes you wonder how much our students could do if given the right device huh?

From the website

“In a conversation with Ice Flow Studios, Lambert claimed the project was part of an experiment to see how much he could do with the app’s huge canvas size. In his words, "I recently discovered that it was possible to create incredibly high resolution (4k) paintings using only my iPad, and I wanted to see just how far I could push digital artwork and paint a true photorealistic portrait.”

Snow Leopard ラスト・アップデート!? MacOSX 10.6.8 へ。ここは万端、ルーティン的にクリックしないで気持ちを落ち着かせてからアップデートしたい。




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