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My reply from emmerdale about consent/abortion issues. Make of it what you will.

To be clear I adore emmerdale but I’m angry/upset by their view on these subjects….

‘Dear Vanessa,

Thank for your email to Emmerdale and Iain Macleod who has asked us to look into your concerns about the programme. Iain thanks you for raising these points and for your enthusiasm for Emmerdale. He appreciates you going to the trouble to write to him. Your commitment to the programme is commendable and we very much appreciate your comments. We also appreciate the support you give us on social media throughout the year about all our storylines.

In the first instance we wanted to assure you that the script team meticulously research every aspect of our storylines and particularly when health related stories are featured we take great care to portray medical advice and issues accurately and sensitively.

With particular reference to Rebecca seeking an abortion, our research tells us that if a woman visits a doctor having done a positive home pregnancy test the doctor wouldn’t authorise or begin the process of arranging an abortion if the assumed date of conception was only fairly recently. We’re sure you’ll appreciate a positive home pregnancy test does not conclusively establish pregnancy.

Additionally, the health professionals who advise the programme tell us the medical profession suggest you wait to consider an abortion until the pregnancy can be established with a scan which is not until 6 weeks. This guards against assuming someone to be pregnant when, in fact, the positive test might have been caused by another medical condition.

With reference to the issues of consent you raise, Robert was clearly not portrayed in a way that his ability to consent was in question. He also had full recognition of what occurred with Rebecca when he later relayed the events of the evening to Aaron. On the night in question he was also able to call Rebecca to invite her over and to concoct a complicated lie about having split up with Aaron. As you know he also followed her when she tried to leave and he physically kept her in the room.

The line of dialogue Robert spoke about 'passing out’ wasn’t with reference to his sexual encounter with Rebecca specifically. He was consumed with guilt and was trying to excuse his behaviour with a lie and exaggeration when speaking to Aaron about that night.

We’re also convinced Robert’s behaviour would be seen as unacceptable by many young people given he has betrayed Aaron, had unprotected sex with Rebecca and risked his relationship with the 'love of his life’, Aaron. He hasn’t behaved as a 'role model’ and as we’re sure you appreciate we wanted to test the relationship between Robert and Aaron believing viewers would want us to keep them at the very forefront of Emmerdale. This development with Rebecca has also opened up a very rich vein of story as she would like to keep the child. We hope in the weeks to come you will feel differently about this story development.

Many thanks once again for writing to Emmerdale.

If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,


By the time I emailed them this wasn’t about Robert any more this was about consent whilst intoxicated and their lack of caring that she was sober and he was drunk. It was about a wider issue, I wasn’t just writing in reference to emmerdale.

And so their legacy grew….


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