The oldest of the Duggar children, Josh (25), is expecting his third child with wife Anna (24). The two are already parents to Mackynzie (3) and Michael (21 months). 

Supposedly they already have 2 names picked out. No word on if they are ’M’ names or not. But should you be wondering, Molly doesn’t suit anyone over the age of 10 or anyone that doesn’t walk on all fours. 


The Duggars are the only people I know who will brag about giving away a small fraction of something they got for free.

They have the means to actually help these people if they so desire.  (Though at the same time I wonder how much of their lifestyle is chosen rather than one of necessity.  Are you “traveling folk” because your husband can’t find work anywhere or did you just decide on a whim to roadtrip across America?  I mean, that’s a giant pallet of small bottles of water and that shit ain’t cheap.) 

No, instead they give them a box of donuts and make them pose for a picture so they can brag about how “charitable” they are.  Did they do this with every homeless person they encountered in NYC?  (Dumb question: you know they ignored them all, since nobody was watching.  Oh, I’m sure they did the usual “they’ll spend it on alcohol or drugs” justification to themselves.  Maybe they gave a couple quarters to a homeless vet just so they can say “freedom sure ain’t free” with a clear conscience, but beyond that, you know they didn’t.)

Also, don’t you get A free donut?  How the fuck did they come away with 14 free boxes? 

Josiah looks like he wants to die in that picture. 

Edit: a dozen donuts for dressing like a pirate?  Wish I’d gotten in on that racket.  I wonder if they would’ve taken free food from a company that doesn’t support their politics…


I didn’t think that Fundies were allowed to have retail jobs, but she mentions in the post how her and her husband had to get up at 3 AM to work Black Friday!! She also obsessively took pregnancy test like Anna did before finding out she was pregnant with Mackynzie

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