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i see that people are sending irl klance stuff??? me and my ex bf were basically klance we started talking bc i made one of those "i can't believe its a year since i ____" jokes on twitter on new years and he replied calling me a wiener and then we called each other names for a month before he dmed me "lance fucking mcclain i have a gay fucking crush on u go fuck urself" (changed the name to lance bc it feels weird going anon but still writing my full name lmao) (1/2)

(2/2) some other good klance moments include us running a joint fake macklemore fan account on twitter, mocking each other for stupid typos constantly to the point where they would become our contact names, and for christmas he sent me a bootleg one direction coloring book and the 3rd and 4th shrek movies on dvd. i mocked him for how bad he was at wrapping for like 10 minutes before i opened them. i also made fun of him for being a paramore stan and for always wearing ugly button down shirts

OH WAIT i forgot to add that when he told me he had a crush on me i thought he was joking so i replied with “i’m gonna punch u” and if that isn’t klance i don’t know what is 

omfg………fucking incredible


Macklemore and fiancee Tricia Davis expecting 1st child together

In a video posted directly to YouTube and Twitter, rapper Macklemore announced on Saturday that he and his fiancee Tricia Davis are expecting their first baby together in May.

Video via Ryan Lewis Productions on YouTube