“Because you made it about race. Because we did not invent the bullet. Because black girls go missing without a whisper of where.”

Last night, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert brought out Macklemore to perform his new song, ‘White Privilege II’. The performance featured Button poet Danez Smith, along with Nikkita Oliver & Jamila Woods! Check out Danez’s full poem here, which is also available in his amazing book published with Button!


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - White Privilege II (Feat. Jamila Woods).

“The DIY underdog, so independent. But the one thing the American dream fails to mention is I was many steps ahead to begin with “

you can make jokes about macklemore if you really want to i guess but you also need to give him some damn RESPECT

his song “Same Love” has a message about how being gay is not a choice and no one should feel bad for being gay and that straight people need to stop saying “gay” as an insult

he also had male and female gay couples get married to each other on LIVE TV in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE during his performance of the song on the Grammy’s 

he also marched in ferguson to protest during the michael brown case and when the reporter came up to him while he was marching he replied “its about mike brown man, it’s not about me”

in his recent song white privilege II he fully supports #blacklivesmatter and talks about cultural appropriation as well, some of his lyrics are

“White supremacy is our country’s lineage, designed for us to be indifferent
My success is the product of the same system that let off Darren Wilson – guilty
We want to dress like, walk like, talk like, dance like, yet we just stand by
We take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?”


“You can join the march, protest, scream and shout
Get on Twitter, hashtag and seem like you’re down
But they see through it all, people believe you now?
You said publicly, “Rest in peace, Mike Brown”
You speak about equality, but do you really mean it?
Are you marching for freedom, or when it’s convenient?”

macklemore is a great human being, he is compassionate and he cares about all of the issues tumblr loves to talk about, so why does it seem like he’s just a big joke to people on here?

give macklemore respect

(feel free to add on anything else about the good he has done)


Talib Kweli and Iggy Azalea clash over Macklemore’s “White Privilege II”

On his new song “White Privilege II,” Macklemore raps about appropriation, “The culture was never yours to make better/ You’re Miley, you’re Elvis, you’re Iggy Azalea.” Iggy was not happy, but when she took her discontent public, Talib Kweli stepped up to shut her down. 

Despite all this, we may want to take a deeper look at Macklemore’s meditation on privilege. In fact, it’s OK to like the song.

I don’t care about Macklemore ever except that time he put on a Jew costume - that was fucked up but nobody remembers that since he wrote a song about white privilege. How about the privilege to mock Jews openly and still be considered a voice of equality?


So about Macklemore’s song White Privilege…

Macklemore released a song about white privilege

Well, being white doesn’t mean you can’t speak out about the issue. And if a white man wants to criticize a racist idea or racist system, he should.

Maybe Macklemore is the right person to talk about white privilege and racism because he is white. If a black person talked or rap about it, racist or ignorant people will just say “there goes another angry black person” and completely ignored the subject.

Anyway, he can’t satisfy everybody.

Idk if I’m gonna get hate for this but Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” is a great example of how to be an ally. He is acknowledging his own privilege, and yes that in itself IS privilege, but he’s using it for good. He’s saying “listen to what black people have to say”, “black lives matter”. He even talked about how him speaking out could be perceived badly but he can’t just sit idly by as people die. He wants to start a dialogue for white people to stop ignoring racism. Now I know black rappers have been saying this shit for a while. And yeah it sucks that the message has to come out of a white mouth for white people to start listening, but hey… at least it’s something right? He’s using his voice for good? and is saying informed things? Let’s compare this to Sam Smith who just recently discovered racism exists like a day ago. I feel like Macklemore at least knows his position… he’s not doing anything bad? Idk man… idk…