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I never used to find Sean Maguire attractive but he's really grown on me! What do you think are the chances of him being made a regular? His brotp with colin is so sweet as well.

I think he’s attractive! He’s not my usual type (I generally am never attracted to blonde men, i have no idea why) at least from photographs—but I think it was seeing it onscreen that swayed me? Robin Hood’s just so sassy and swaggy but still so proper and a roguish dandy type and a;dsjfp.

(ok i think i just figured out my type)

I mean, i’m not cookoo for macklepuffs but that doesn’t mean i enjoy his character any less!

I think that he’s got a fair shot at being made a series regular. Idk, the writers (and Lana) have been somewhat cryptic about it so I’m hesitant to say it’ll be this season, but I’d definitely be rooting for it.

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I don't want to sound dumb, I don't keep up as quickly as all you geniuses, but how did 'Macklehood' come about?? :D x

ahah macklehood was coined by yunuen because she thought sean maguire’s lil hipster haircut made him look like macklemore

so i saw that and couldn’t unsee it so he’s macklehood to me i kinda shamelessly jumped on the bandwagon but yolo or something

meqhanory replied to your post: the new robin hood looks …

i just giggled a bit.

seriously look at him

you can feel he’s such an asshole

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the haircut = otro royo

fuera coñas, realmente le cambia todo el rollo! i saw the other one and i understood instantly that there were using the charming rogue card and he was a cutie. this one looks like he’s a little shit and i really like that maaaan