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Alexa Vega, Carlos Pena Jr and Makenzie Vega “Machete Kills” Los Angeles Premiere


So first and for most, I’ll try to be as neutral as possible in this argument.

Apparently there is some issue in this fandom and I just want to rant about it - Alexa may have tweeted about Logan’s relationship with her sister, but it was very vague. Like c'mon just forget about that stupid tweet and move on. Honestly guys, if you haven’t reacted so negatively towards that stupid tweet, we would not gave this issue right now.

I understand that Alexa shouldn’t have tweeted that, but you also shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. It may or may not be real.

And some of you people shouldn’t be so far fetch into dragging Carlos into the situation.

I hope you understand where I’m gong with this. And if I’ve have stated something that is false, please do clarify it with me. I just don’t want this fandom to fall out just because of a stupid tweet