mackenzie mauzy


the hair as yellow as corn

Originally we were going to have hair that was all out, all flowing. But then we looked at it, and I did a bit of a test. It was a nightmare on set, the maintenance of it— 30, 35-foot-long hair. It [was] going to pick up everything. We’d have to employ at least three people to look after it. The plait made it a bit more practical. We decided to make it not so lovely and neat. There are bits of hair hanging out, which is how it would be if you had 35-foot-long hair.

It look three people to plait it. Each had a strand, and we did it in the corridor outside the makeup room. Literally it was like a maypole dance in the 1950s in England. Then what we did after that is we literally attached it to her head and wove her hair at the back into the plait to make it look like her own hair. [Mackenzie Mauzy] was fantastic, really professional, and we helped her with it. She’d hang it over the back of her seat when she sat down.

When you see in the film, with the Witch climbing up, that’s the real plait. The hair is very strong. What we did is in the middle of each strand, we put a very thin climbing rope and wove the three into the plait.

The idea of someone combing her hair all day was very Disney princess, and what we wanted to do was steer away from the Disney image. She’s very cross. She’s been kept up here. She’s not allowed to cut her hair. So like a teenager would, the last thing she’d do is keep it nice. You’ve got that whole teenage rebel thing… It’s all a little bit reverse psychology. I think in real life, if there’s a girl who’s always been told she has the most beautiful hair, the first thing she wants to do is cut it off.


‘get to know me’ meme // films: into the woods (2014).

Careful the wish you make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true, not free. Careful the spell you cast, not just on children. Sometimes the spell may last past what you can see, and turn against you. Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell. Children will listen…

See, this is what I think is so cool about the way Rapunzel and her prince are around each other in the movie version of Into the Woods. Look at the above picture.

He doesn’t have a problem showing her his vulnerability; she doesn’t have a problem with him being vulnerable.

IMO this makes their relationship pretty much the total opposite of Cinderella and her prince, which is a relationship built 100% on appearances and not reality. 

Cinderella admits to herself (and us) that she CAN’T show the prince who she really is, because then he wouldn’t want her.  And her prince - well, he knows how to be charming but not sincere.

Rapunzel’s prince, on the other hand, is nothing BUT sincerity. Klutzy, earnest, “Bad idea!” “Your hair! I like it!” blurt-it-out sincerity.  The Great Pumpkin would visit him in a heartbeat.

Why is this? Who knows? Both princes were raised by the same people, we presume.But maybe that’s a wrong presumption.

Obviously Cinderella’s prince, being the heir to the throne, got a set of instructions that’s more “How to Charm Your Subjects So They’ll Believe Anything” than “How To Be an Effective King”.

Whereas Rapunzel’s Prince, apparently…didn’t. Aside from sharing some vanity and competitiveness with his big brother, he doesn’t seem to be anything like Cinderella’s prince. Their personalities are very different.

My own personal theory on this - and it’s not really based on anything except a passing knowledge of English nobility - is that he and his brother are NOT the only two males in the royal family. If there is at least one other brother between them (who doesn’t figure in the story), then Rapunzel’s prince is neither the heir nor the spare. He did not get the same training his brothers did - why would he? - and he would be basically regarded as superfluous and more or less ignored, expected to go into the military or clergy when old enough so as not to be a drain on the royal treasury (which is what happened in English nobility). 

It’s even possible that Rapunzel’s prince is wearing a military uniform, which would explain why it looks so different from Cinderella’s prince (again, that’s a theory not supported by anything, but what the heck!!)

Anyway, just a few thoughts I figured I’d share.  Suitable for framing or wrapping fish. :-) Enjoy the pretty picture!