mackenzie mauzy


Drew some live action princesses for practice.

Belle (Emma Watson), Belle (Lea Seydoux), Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy), Cinderella (Lily James), Aurora (Elle Fanning) and Giselle (Amy Adams).

Will color them tomorrow probably.

EDIT: still not colored lol… but I added Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), The little Mermaid (Emily Hamilton), Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and Snow White (Lily Collins).

And so, to counteract the targeted nastiness and hypocrisy against this woman today (yes, will it ever stop?), I am posting her latest IG photo. I know I am just one person with a young Tumblr blog and who will never resort to an out and out war of words against the bullies, but sometimes the greatest strategy against nastiness is plain common decency. Being nice. I am being nice to Mackenzie. And the charity she supports. And yes, I am being nice to her man. HERS.

Attention: TROLLS and Nasty ANONS

Please stop sending me Asks and Messages provoking me to respond to your hateful ideas.

Look at my handle: it says I LOVE SAM HEUGHAN. I meant it when I gave my blog this name.

I love Sam, his talent, his performances- noteworthy or cringeworthy, his looks - grotty or red carpet stunners, his self-discipline, his humanitarian concerns, the amazing potentials he is yet to show the world and his ordinariness, being human just like everybody else. In addition and in relation to my love of Sam Heughan, I also love those who believe in him, trust his abilities, support him, love him and make him happy.

At this current moment, all indications leads me to believe that Mackenzie makes Sam happy and vice-versa. As a man and a woman. In real life. I do not ship them. I do not ship. I find the word and its meaning rather awful. I will not consider calling anyone My Queen, unless we are talking about HRH Queen Elizabeth II who is actually my queen.

I do not concern myself about what ifs. I am not interested. I’m afraid Nasty Anons and Trolls will not get free plugs from me. I’m definitely NOT BITING.

Peace ☮️

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