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Agent Davis : Loyal to the very end

So with Agents of SHIELD being on hiatus for the next few weeks (Mother of all things please save us) I started rewatching the series starting from the beginning and guess who I spotted!

That’s right! Our very own Agent Davis who has been by FitzSimmons’ side since the very beginning! Loyal to SHIELD, Loyal to FitzSimmons!

I even googled to make sure it IS the same actor. 

Fun Fact: The actor who portrays Agent Davis,  Maximilian Osinski, is married to  Dichen Lachman who is JiaYing (Daisy’s biological mother)


Photos Promotional 4.22 “World’s End”

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Entertainment Weekly Spotlight Stage  ²⁰¹⁶
↠ Cast’s Hidden Talents
Iain:  ❝ I’ve never showed you guys this. I could do really huge sums in my head very quickly. 

Please just take 30 seconds to call ABC Network and tell them why you want them to renew Agent’s of Shield it’s so easy here’s how:

@agentsofshield : The #AgentsofSHIELD are at #WonderCon2017!

@agentsofshield : Autograph signing! #AgentsofSHIELD #WonderCon2017

HYDRA Agent Skye Ward?

Her name is totally not centralized so either Skye’s parents are still alive and she has her last name or she is married to Ward. And I don’t know how I’d feel about that. Update: So far the other last names that would make sense are May or Poots? Skye May? Skye Poots? -strokes non-existence beard-