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12.10 coda. spoilers, duh. (ao3)

Dean knocks on the door quietly, not sure if Cas is gonna be in here or not. “Hey buddy, you awake?” 

It takes a moment before Cas’ deeper than normal voice answers back, “Come in, Dean.” 

He pushes the door open and offers Cas a small, if not awkward, smile. 

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2.3k of 12.11 coda. spoilers, duh. angst, episode content, etc. it’s sad but there’s a happy ending. (ao3)

He can’t take his eyes off of his reflection. He’s crying but he’s not really sure why.

There’s something… he’s forgetting something. Everything? Something.

Dean wipes his face off and splashes water on it, a vague sense of deja vu overtaking him. He feels - he doesn’t know how to describe it. Something’s wrong, very wrong, but he’s not sure what.

He leans forward to rest his forehead on the wall and feels something in his front pocket hit the sink. 

He pulls it out hoping it’ll have a clue or a hint what he’s forgetting. 

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1.1k of 13.01 coda. spoilers, talk of cas, dean uses violence as a coping mechanism and there’s blood. (ao3)

Dean’s brain hasn’t shut up in the last twelve hours.

He can’t remember the last time he actually ate food either. There wasn’t anything in the bunker when they got home and he’d turned down Sam when they stopped to get him and Jack food. 

Cas’ room is too empty.

It’s always empty, there’s rarely ever stuff in it but today it’s the kind of empty that has its own energy. The air feels heavy and Dean’s pretty sure he’s not imagining it. 

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"Hey, have you seen the..? Oh." For cockles!!!

“Hey, J, have you seen the -” Misha stops in his tracks and blinks at the sight in front of him, “Oh.” 

Jensen’s asleep on the couch with West, Maison and JJ asleep on top of him.

Ridiculously enough, his first thought is “how are they all fitting on there without falling off, Jensen isn’t even that broad???” 

His second thought is stunned silence with his heart skipping a solid three beats.

Sometimes, like right now, Misha is struck dumb with the realization of how fucking much he loves this idiot and how lucky he is. This is apparently one of those moments because his heart feels like it’s going to explode out of his chest and he doesn’t even need a mirror to know that he’s smiling like a moron.

Danneel slides up next to him with a knowing smile on her face, “They’re pretty cute, huh?” 

Misha grins, ducking his head for a moment, “Yeah.” 

“They passed out about thirty minutes ago,” she informs him, bumping their hips together. “You okay? You look a little shellshocked.” 

“Yeah,” he huffs a laugh and turns to smile at her, this beautiful, smart, witty, incredible woman that he gets to share his life with too, “I’m okay. I’m -” Misha rubs a hand over his mouth, trying to cover the ridiculous, eye-crinkling grin he’s wearing, “I’m pretty fucking great, actually.” 

Danneel smiles softly and leans over, pressing a kiss to his cheek, “That’s true.”

She pulls back after a moment, nudging her head towards the kitchen, “Vicki and me made cookies. You want to come help us ice them for when the kids wake up?” 

“Sure,” Misha smiles and looks over at the sofa again, “Just… let me take a picture of this.”

Danneel laughs as brightly as she can without waking anyone up, “You can add them to the 300 we took earlier.” 

Misha just grins and creeps over quietly, taking as many pictures as he can - he’s sappy, okay? Sue him. This is easily one of the cutest things he’s ever seen.

He presses a kiss to each of their foreheads when he’s satisfied and Jensen blinks his eyes open sleepily, “Mish…?”

Misha smiles softly and brushes a hand through his hair, “Hey… go back to sleep.” Jensen makes a sleepy noise and lets his eyes close again, a total sucker for Misha’s hands in his hair. It doesn’t take that long for him to fall back to sleep.

Vicki wraps her arms around Misha from behind as he pulls out his phone and composes a tweet. She chuckles against his shoulder, pressing a gentle kiss there, “He’s going to kill you, you know that, right?” 

He just shrugs a little bit, still smiling dumbly at his phone, “Worth it.” 

The tweet is a picture of the four of them passed out with the light from the window behind them. Misha just adds, “Happy Sunday #feelinglucky” 

At the very least, Jensen will appreciate the hashtag. 

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God I just can't get over it that it's a fact that Jensen sometimes makes Misha do accents for him. Like, can you imagine Misha doing a little standup, telling his stupid little jokes and doing a bad accent while Jensen watches and laughs? Even if cockles aren't together, this is really cute and really special.

same, dude!!! I just love the way misha was like “ugh” about it and he tries to play it off like it only happens sometimes BUT THAT “UGH” HE UGH’S LIKE JENSEN DOES THIS ALL THE TIME

when they’re on set, getting lunch from craft services, chatting with a guest star casually: “you wanna hear something really funny? DMITRI, C’MERE, BRING IT OUT.”

at dinner with coworkers or network executives: “you know, dmitri over here, he’s got this really great bit he does. yeah, mish, show ‘em.” 

when they’re home with vicki and danneel and the kids, and they’re just hanging out, jensen does his impression of indiarussia “do you know who you are talking to? I am the king - no, not that king, the other king - of indiarussia!” and the kids won’t stop laughing and he’s like pretending to be indignant because of it and he looks up at misha “DMITRI, MY FELLOW KING, SHOW THESE CHILDREN THAT WE ARE THEIR KINGS!” 

and every single time misha sighs like it’s the biggest annoyance in the world and he gives jensen that look like “ugh I fucking hate you, you nerd, it’s not even that funny jfc” but he still does it and he tries very valiantly to look grumpy about it but when jensen throws his head back and does that thing where he laughs with his whole body he just lIGHTS UP AND GOES ALL IN

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I'm absolute JMDV trash but there's not enough fic around to sate my needs pls can you sooth me with some headcanons thanks

  • the ice cream date was jensen’s idea, because jj couldn’t stop asking about west and maison, and vicki had a new recipe that he’s been trying to get for months and misha keeps forgetting to give her jensen’s email, and danneel hasn’t seen misha in a while so he was like “yo, this is such a gREAT WEEKEND TRIP!!” 
  • west and maison and jj holding hands while walking around the fair together while the adults trail behind them
  • misha and jensen being losers and trying to win stuffed animals for the kids, which somehow turned into a competition to who could win the MOST STUFFED ANIMALS, and of course neither one of them wins anything because they’re objectively terrible at carnival games, but then vicki and danneel probably shoved them aside and won like, a stuffed animal for everybody. because, duh??? 
  • jensen and misha sharing a little cart on the ferris wheel with maison and jj and pointing out the water and stuff for them
  • misha holding jj when she got tired and letting her fall asleep
  • danneel giving west a piggyback ride
  • vicki and jensen sharing a cotton candy while maison takes a nap in jensen’s arms
  • the grown ups telling the kids no ice cream because they wanted some ~*~alone time~*~ on the boat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “parking” (anchoring sounds dumb, shut up) the boat in the middle of the water to watch the sunset and everybody curled up in a big ol’ cuddle pile that somehow ended up with jensen squished between misha and vicki and danneel’s leg thrown across vicki and his laps. 
  • chillin’ on the boat after dark and some seaside make outs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • j/m take turn getting blowjobs in the captains chair ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • vicki and danneel get the boat rockin’ on their own aYYYYYYY
  • jensen falling asleep with his head in vicki’s lap when they’re all talking and dressed after some more impressive activities and vicki running her fingers through his hair because at some point that stupid hat got blown off the boat. vicki falling asleep not too long after that because it’s so quiet and calm and the kids are safe and taken care of.
  • danneel and misha talking quietly at the front of the boat and laughing with their whole bodies basically tangled together because it’s kinda cold and they both like to cuddle a lot, so sue them
  • everybody stumbling back into the house sleepily and curling up in a big dogpile on the bed bc misha and jensen have to drive back to vancouver in the morning
  • the kids wake them up bright and early by jumping on everybody in the bed and somehow jensen manages to sleep through all of it, much to everybody else’s amusement
  • vicki and danneel taking the kids into the kitchen to make them breakfast so misha can wake jensen up and they’ll be able to leave on time
  • jensen waking up to misha under the sheets giving him a much better, much less rocking around blowjob than he’d gotten on the boat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • jensen returning the favor with a sleepy handjob and lots of kissing and a couple hickeys on misha’s collarbone oops
  • afterwards they still have a couple minutes so they end up talking about how fun yesterday was and misha pulls out his phone to show jensen some pictures that he’d taken and then jensen does the same thing and finds the picture from the boat and he’s like “this is a good picture of us.” “you look terrified.” “well yeah, you were driving the boat!” “don’t be such a baby, it was fine.” 
  • them seeing the email that they won the tca. jensen bein like “aWW YEAH A LEGIT REASON TO POST A PIC OF ME AND MISHA HECK YEAH BUDDY LET’S DO THIS SUNSET SHIT.” 
  • [insert misha laughing at him and teasing him and then crawling back on top of jensen] [cue jensen pulling misha into a kiss just to get him to shut up]
  • [cue the kids knocking on the door and screaming about pancakes]


Dean knocks his foot against Cas’ under the table until he looks up at him. They’ve been up and researching for hours on end. Cas looks like shit. His hair is a mess, he’s got the worst case of 5 o’clock shadow anyone has ever seen, and he’s got some tomato sauce on his cheek from the pizza they ate.

The annoyed glare he gets in response makes his heart swell fondly. 

And Dean? He gets so caught up in staring at his best friend that Cas has to kick his leg gently to get his attention.


His eyes snap up from Castiel’s chest and he lets out a nervous breath, “Yeah?”

Cas rolls his eyes before rubbing a hand over his face, “You were saying something.”

Oh. Right.

Dean blushes and rubs the back of his neck, “I just… y’know.”

The blank look Cas gives him in response makes Dean roll his eyes and groan, “Today. The date. I - I saw the date. I just… you remember?” 

Castiel squints at him, “Do I… remember the date?”

There’s a few moments of silence before Cas sighs, “Dean, we’ve been up for close to 30 hours now. I have no idea what day it is.” 

He tries to pretend that doesn’t hurt a little bit when he answers, “It’s the 18th. September 18th.” 

Castiel blinks for a moment before his brain catches up and then his face softens. He looks down at the table with a small smile, “Yes, I… remember.” 

Dean grins like a doof despite himself and has to look down at the book in front of him to hide it, “Cool.” 

“Yes…” Cas huffs a laugh, shaking his head fondly, “I suppose it is.” 

“I mean…” He bites his lip nervously, not looking up, “I don’t know. Pretty good day for me.” Dean pauses for a moment to consider, “Well - aside from the whole ‘digging myself out of my grave’ thing, anyway.” 

“For the last time,” Castiel groans and can’t help but laugh a little, “I’m sorry. I was tired. My aim was… off.” 

Dean snorts and when he looks up their eyes meet across the table, both of them grinning.

It takes them a solid minute to snap out of it and Dean’s the one who breaks first, looking away to hide how much he’s blushing.

“I’m -” He says after a few beats, clearing his throat, “I’m. Glad.”

Castiel arches an eyebrow at him, smirking, “That my aim was off?” 

Dean rolls his eyes and half-heartedly tosses a pen at Cas’ chest, “No, you dick.” He lets his head roll back to look up at the ceiling, not sure why it’s so hard to actually say this.

“I’m glad that… that I met you.” 

He looks back at Cas after a moment, his heart hammering in his chest, “And not just because you saved my sorry ass.” 

It’s not sweet or romantic or any of the things that he wishes it could be but Cas smiles all the same, as if he gets everything behind it. It’s a gentle and pleased smile, the kind of smile you hope for when you tell someone that you love them.

“Me too,” Cas murmurs after a moment, still smiling. “And not just because you saved me as well.” 

1.8k season finale coda with mary and dean. mary finds out about cas. (ao3)


Dean hangs up and in a fit of frustration, launches his phone into the backseat of the suburban they stole. 

Mary’s been sitting in the front seat quietly, just observing her son and trying to figure out everything that’s happened. She’s kinda caught up - or, well. As well as she can be, anyways.

A lot can happen in 34 years. 

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3.2k deancas + kids fluff. dean tells the girls a bedtime story. there’s a bed and breakfast. more background on (ao3).

“Story time! Story time! Story time!”

Dean’s used to the chanting now. Every night around bed time he’s got two little girls (and apparently Cas now) who will drag him upstairs to their bedroom and push him onto the floor in between their beds.

He lets it all happen, though.

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3.5k of s11 coda and post s11 stuff. dean has a conversation with God, mary meets cas and dean sees things a little clearer. (ao3)

Three hours.

That’s all Dean lasts before he blurts out a panicked, “Why?”

Chuck - no, God - stops talking mid-sentence at the interruption and watches Dean with a blank expression. It makes Dean’s hands shake nervously, his whole body vibrating with thirty plus years of pent up anger and resentment.

“You know,” Chuck sighs and crosses his arms over his chest, “People keep asking me that like I’m supposed to know what you mean.” 

Dean huffs a disbelieving sound and runs a hand over his face, “Take your fucking pick, you douchecanoe.” He laughs a little hysterically as he holds up his fingers to count them off, “Why did I have to be the one to get the Mark? Why is it me and Sammy who always get the fucking short straw? Why did my mom have to die? Why do you hate me so fucking much?” 

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48. deancas :DDDDDD

“Hey boo,” Cas calls out from the laundry room where he’s getting the washer ready. “Can you bring me the sheets?” 

Dean trips over the boots he left at the end of their bed in shock.

He can’t quite figure what to say to that or even how to comprehend that, so he’s just standing there, in their room, in his boxers gaping like a fish. 

Cas pokes his head around the corner and arches an eyebrow at him, “Dean, the sheets?” 

“Did you just call me boo???” Is all Dean can think to say in response. 

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1.1k of 11.12 coda. just because it wasn’t in the episode doesn’t mean claire didn’t ask. angst adjacent. (ao3)

Claire shuffles her feet and clears her throat, “So, how’s…” 

She lets the sentence hang there for a second and Jody kindly averts her eyes. She doesn’t know everything about Claire and Cas’ relationship, but she knows enough to know that Claire asking is a big deal. 

Dean smiles a little awkwardly, rubs the back of his neck, “He’s… good. I think.”

Claire crosses her arms over her chest and nods, “Cool.” She turns around abruptly and goes over to Sam and Alex, apparently done with that part of the conversation.

He lets her go with an amused huff and shakes his head a little, “Teenagers.” 

Jody snorts, “You’re preaching to the choir, kiddo.” 

Dean grins and squeezes her shoulder, helping her pivot on the wet driveway, “You gonna be alright now that you’re outnumbered again?” 

“As long as everybody wears a condom, we’ll be fine,” Jody assures him.

Dean huffs, “Well I want that bumpersticker.” 

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“Hey, you know I love you, right?” 

Castiel looks up at Dean after a beat and frowns, tilting his head to the side, “Yes, Dean. I… am aware.” 

Dean blushes and rolls his eyes a little, anything to avoid making eye contact, “No, I just -” He huffs and rubs the back of his neck, “You know that. Right?” 

“That you love me?” Cas is wearing a small, slightly teasing smile (because he’s an asshole).

Dean can feel his cheeks blushing, the blood turning even the tips of his ears bright red as he glares at Cas.

“That doesn’t feel like love to me, Dean,” Castiel teases gently. 

“Your face doesn’t feel like love,” he grumbles petulantly, kicking a leg on the chair Cas is in.

Castiel laughs quietly, warm and melodic and it makes something in Dean’s chest swell with a stupid amount of love and affection for the dork next to him.

Neither one of them say anything for a few minutes, both pretending to read the books in front of them. 

Eventually Cas murmurs without looking up from the book, “For the record, Dean?” 

He glances up slowly, almost like he’s expecting to be startled. 

“I love you too,” Castiel hums with a small smile on his face.

Dean ducks his head to hide how much he’s smiling though it doesn’t do much to hide the blush that’s spreading all the way down his neck. 

“And red is a very good color for you, Dean.” 

“I take it back. I hate you.” 

Castiel huffs, a small grin on his face, “Okay, Dean.” 

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For the fanfic prompt, could you do DeanCas with the line, "that's a good look for you"?

Cas walks into the kitchen one morning wearing the most ridiculous and ugly shorts Dean has ever had the displeasure of seeing in his life.

He almost chokes on his cereal he’s laughing so hard.

“Holy shit,” he manages to wheeze out while Sam smacks his back to try and help dislodge any cereal that might be stuck.

Cas arches an eyebrow at him as he pours himself a cup of coffee, completely unbothered by the laughter, “Is there something wrong, Dean?”

“Jesus fuck,” Dean wheezes out, again, because he literally can not stop laughing. 

“Yes, that would be unfortunate,” Castiel hums and takes a sip of his coffee.

“I think Dean’s just surprised by your, uh…” The corners of Sam’s mouth quirk up with the effort to not burst into a fit of giggles like his brother, “New shorts.”

Cas’ face brightens up and he grins down at them, “I found them at Goodwill yesterday. Charlie picked them out.” 

He looks so happy about them, these stupid neon pink shorts that are just this side of too small that crawled their way out of the deepest depths of late 80′s hell. He looks so pleased that Dean’s laughter turns softer and more fond.

“That’s a, uh,” he licks his lips after a moment, when he’s sure he can get the words out without laughing again. “That’s a good look for you, Cas.” 

Cas beams at him and Dean feels his heart stutter in his chest.

Holy shit, he’s so fucking whipped. He’s so fucking whipped it’s really not funny.

Sam’s snickering startles him out of that train of thought and Dean shoots him a death glare. His little brother just shrugs a little, grinning as he takes a sip of his coffee, “I didn’t say anything.” 

“Oh, Deannnnn!” Charlie’s singsong voice calls out from the hallway where the bedrooms are, “Cas and I got you a present yesterday!” 

Dean groans and lets his head fall forward onto the kitchen table with a loud ‘thump.’ Sam and Cas let out loud peals of laughter as Charlie comes in with a matching pair of shorts that are neon yellow and orange.

“I hate you,” Dean mumbles into the table, “I hate all of you.” 

Cas walks over and leans down, pressing a kiss to his temple, “I think it’ll be a good look for you, Dean.” 

He shoves Cas away from him gently before flipping him off.

2.4k of episode coda. warnings for spoilers, angst, violence, a panic attack, talk of depression, vague suicidal feelings talk, etc. basically the tone of the episode is the warnings. there’s hope, though. (ao3)

It doesn’t take long for them to find Crowley because the moron is waiting up the road with the Impala. 

His back is to the Winchesters as they approach and Dean feels his blood pressure skyrocket. He’s moved the twenty feet forward before he realizes it and suddenly he’s got Crowley pinned to the side of the Impala, his arms twisted behind his back.

“Bloody hell,” Crowley wheezes, his phone falling to the ground. “Warn a guy, Winchester.” 

Dean shoves him hard against the car and smirks a little to himself when he hears a grunt, “What did you see?

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1.7k jibcon “they were late to their own panel” smut. @god, @mom, I’m so… so sorry. rimming. vveeery subtle d/s undertones. (ao3)

Jensen’s phone rings again from the bottom of their clothing pile in the corner of the green room.

He groans and crowds Misha back further onto the couch, “I should get that.” 

Misha wraps his legs tighter around Jensen and practically growls, yanking him into a deeper, rougher kiss, “No.” 

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2.1k of romantic sappy fluff. they dance to billie holiday. (ao3)

It’s not that Dean would say he’s a romantic, per se.

Sure, he likes doing things for Cas that he doesn’t really have to. Sam can make fun of him all he wants but the smile that Cas gets whenever Dean brings him flowers or honey from the farmers market is worth all of that grief and more.

And yeah, ok, maybe Dean has made Cas breakfast in bed just because he felt like it a time or twelve. Is it a crime to want to eat waffles in bed with his best friend?

And okay, just because their first kiss was in the rain while they were fighting on a dock, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like Dean went to that dock after their fight on purpose, okay? That was just - that was the universe. If the universe wanted there to be some sort of Notebook vibe, who was Dean to argue with it?

Dean wouldn’t say he’s a romantic, but Dean doesn’t say a lot of things.

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2.2k s10 time stamp, s11 theorizing. they find cas. they cure him. they attempt to fix each other. mentions of: crypt scene, library scene, leviathans. violence. (ao3)

Castiel watches him with sad, curious eyes. He’s drifting.

In and out of consciousness, in and out of the road, in and out of life, it seems. He’s drifting further and further and Cas isn’t entirely sure how to stop it.

“Dean,” he tries one day when they’re alone in the bunker. “How are you?” 

“Fuckin peachy,” Dean mumbles without looking up from the gun he’s cleaning.

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1.2k of dumb 11.04 coda for @leknope​ who is a terrible enabler and should not be trusted with dumb twitter conversations. s/o to @beenghosting​ for engaging in this nonsense with me. this is a tiny bit of h/c, a lot of fluff. I’m sorry. (ao3)

In the end, Dean doesn’t let him heal the soreness in his muscles.

He lets Cas heal the bite and the scrapes and scratches from the day but stops him before he does anything else. Cas lets him and ducks his head a little bit to hide his small smile.

He’s just glad Dean let him help at all. 

Dean pushes himself up from the bathroom counter with a groan and rolls his head from side to side, trying to loosen up the muscles. 

Cas watches him a little bit awkwardly, unsure of what to do. 

“Well,” Dean clears his throat after a beat, “I think I’m gonna turn in for the night.”

He pauses in the doorway, his hand hesitating over the doorframe for a moment, “You comin, Cas?” 

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vaguely canon compliant, set some time in the near future. 1.8k. (ao3)

Dean hates this part of a job.

The hunt’s done, the monster’s dead, the people are safe, and he’s gotta drive a couple hours back to the bunker just to leave again in a few days.

It’s also, generally, the part when Cas disappears for a few weeks. 

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