Throwback from 1996 when I filmed videos (on one of my favorite cameras, Arri SR) for Carpe Wade.
I later introduced them to Mack Dawg who introduced them to Paul Gomez who got them on Interscope Records and touring with Blink182, Warped Tour etc.
Their song “Elvis” was the opening song to #mackdawg’s Simple Pleasures in 1997.
Right after Carpe Wade had moved to the US (Costa Mesa) Interscope pulled the plug on everyone except some annoying band called No Doubt and invested in white rapper who Fritte (singer in Carpe Wade) said was going to be another Vanilla Ice.
Sucks. I think they could’ve had a good go at it.
The next Vanilla Ice turned out to be Eminem.
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The Resistance

Peter Line starts it off by throwing a bow at the rest of the forum team. I don’t think I really paid attention to this part very much. I didn’t do a good job of knowing what these dudes look like

155 I wanna rock!

220 the 3 screen. I remember using the slo mo on some of those to see what each of them were up to.

233 Holy fatality

309 I love that road gap. No matter how many times I see it.

355 Chad’s gap and easily making it. I don’t remember that was on this movie.

442 Never really felt this song

550 park to BC to park to BC

616 6 days for D walsh. Remember this song very well. Swollen Members

703 i am two guys mulitplied by 93 guys. wait for it

714 What’s walsh up to these days.

726 I love his 180s and 3’s.

812 young bloods. I wonder who made it.

840 page is good, i don’t remember seeing much else
905 Mikko

927 method. more method!

955 Nate Bozung. He has tattoos on his face now. And was selling his boards on ebay.

1455 the first Jeremy Jones?

1120 I dont give a damn about sleeves.

1240 He almost cleared the whole cliff

1338 I had never seen Fear and loathing so had no idea what that was.

1411 watched this whole part is slo mo for any “secret shots”

1527 such a crazy part, I pretty much only remember that it was weird

1600 Butthole surfers. I tried to like this song, but never did. Reminds me of playing Tony Hawk.

1745 Get that sled. Willie was a friend. I didn’t get that.

1935 Droz. I did so much snowskating in high school. I probably should have been doing something of more value

2004 JP like Master P. Without the internet, it was kind of hard to know these guys personalities beside these movies.

2102 He can press like champ.

2244 he flew that sucker

2256 about the 17th hit from that jump in this movie and Tech Diff

2347 All GOLD

2356 then its over, pretty short movie at about 24 with the skits.

Not bad, I think its better watching it now than I did before. I just never got the vibe from this guy, it wasn’t very memorable besides the snowskates. We definitely got our stoke for snowskates from this film.

2641 Major wreck in the credits. Always got to watch the credits.

2904 giant mud race. I don’t remember this at all. Some dude won a snowboard.

2937 I hate the sound of rail crashes

3049 year 2000.


Throwback to when I swung by the stairs (Everett Middle School in SF) where the first (?) fs boardslide on a handrail was documented (not sure if Gonzales had made one yet) in 1988.
The guy filming under the handrail is Mike “Mack Dawg” McEntire. He later gave me my first freelance jobs filming snowboarding around 1997-1999 which started my career.
Look up “Sick Boys” on YouTube. That’s the film this trick was in and Mack Dawg’s first film.
Black / white pics by @epiclytrife and @originalbk
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