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Concept: Emperor's New Clothes is the anthem of Anti and Dark constantly fighting with each other for our attention. The "mortal kings are ruling castles" refers to Mark and Jack, the "mortals" ruling the fanbase (castles) but they are the ones that we're all fascinated and enthralled with. The ones we find more alluring, despite their actual negative actions. They are the ones that want to "play" with us and invite us to their worlds ("welcome to my world of fun").

i just made the most inhuman sound in my entire life

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If I start to lose my mind, like I feel like I am, and I scream into the void...Will you scream back? Another question, you dislike physical contact. Why? It's occasionally nice. Just to hold hands even. Not even all the way. Just to make a connection. Why can't I connect with anyone Dark? Why am I so afraid to simply brush hands with someone else? I mean, I know why. I've been left behind and bitten so many times in the past for reaching out. I miss connecting. Sometimes wish I was like you.

“I do not dislike contact.”

Dark frowned to the miconception.

“I am simply not prone to be drawn to such an action. I do not feel anything here in the Void, lovely. I have no nerves, no senses. I do not taste or smell or feel anything. So, why be eager to participate in something that I know will bring me nothing. It will only remind me of what I do not have. It will only be something more to reminisce on in the quiet hours of meditation. There is no connection when there is no feeling, it is like attempting to describe the taste of water. There is none.”

His voice became snappier, drilling the meaning into their mind.

“You… do NOT. Want to be like me. Do you understand? Whatever horrible fantasy you wield desiring to become a Figment is foolish and childish. You really wish to only feel the emotions that are allowed of you? You really wish to be imprisoned by a blank, endless chasm of nothingness? You really wish to be dictated by lives who mean nothing to you? No. You do not. Do not ever state such a thing again.”

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I thought of something else to add to the werewolf AU. Dark and Anti constantly marking and marking over each other. Like, Dark marks a part of his territory and then Anti immediately goes over and pisses over top of it, making it his. The next day Dark finds it and piss on it again. This goes on in various places.

Anti’s petty enough to do it, and Dark is possessive enough to reciprocate.

And honestly, there are probably so many trees where the two of them rubbed against just to get as much of their scent in the area as possible. Bark is all over the ground.

All of this just to spite each other.

Okay, something needs to be said. 

Mack was the one with no faith in Skye.

Mack was the one who was agreeing with Sif, saying that Skye was too dangerous. 

Mack was the one who said, and I quote, “We need to be protected from her." 

Jemma said none of that. 

Jemma was upset because Fitz lied to her. 

Jemma was upset because her best friend in the word, who used to tell her everything and has probably never kept a secret from her in his life except for the tiny detail that he was in love with her hid something THIS HUGE. 

Jemma was upset because Skye, somebody who has became her dear friend, has become something dangerous, to the team and herself, and there’s nothing they can do about it. She’s upset because she wants to fix it, but she can’t and it’s killing her. 

Jemma is not the bad guy in this situation. 

Mack is.

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You know, the more I think about myself in the grand scheme of things, the more I come to realize how utterly and completely insignificant I am. How very, very little I really mean outside of my family. If I disappeared, they would be the only ones upset by it. Is this what it feels like? To be cast aside and made to feel like you are just a joke? Just a plaything to something bigger that won't let you go and just wants to see how far you can be pushed before you break? What a sad little life.

“Such is the way of the world.”

Dark provided a smile that seemed sullen and distraught.

“There is no stranger that actually tends to give a damn. They may step in to do small things, small insignificant chores here and there, perhaps, for others. But when it comes down to the grand scheme, when it comes down to the choice of life or death, a stranger will not choose to give themselves up for someone they don’t know. That is human nature. My case was a little different. I was made to be close to Mark. I was designed to relate to the darker sides of him, to take his emotions, to aid him and guide him, to be his right hand man when he needed me to be. But he willingly cast me out. Knowingly, he forbid me access. Knowingly, he mocked my existence, spread rumors of my weakness, made me appear to be some type of weak…. THinG. But I am not a plaything any longer, you must understand. No, I am my own Figment now. I have my own rules, my own needs, my own… body. I am my own man, if I were a man, but I am locked in duty for him.”

Ever since I saw it on opening night, I’ve been itching to draw the main characters from the movie DOPE ( dopethemovie) for a while now so last night I turned on the soundtrack and finally cooked up something. And here’s SpeedComic I cooked up for it as well. If you haven’t seen DOPE yet I suggest you go do that immediately.