mack shit

• Andi Mack: diverse cast, interesting plot line with continuity, the adults aren’t dumb, the kids have a life outside of school, a actual true progressive show we’ve been waiting for on the Disney channel.

• GMW analyst blogs: Uh, idk, this show isn’t for me. It’s not aimed towards my age group. It’s for little kids . I wished that Girl Meets Mayo had the same freedom tho. Disney Channel was just holding back GMW. Didn’t allow them to be free.

Guys,,,,,,,, I made an Andi Mack crack video (or an Andi Crack video, hehe) This is what I spent my snow day doing…… what this show has done to me.



Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Broken Promises’


NEW VIDEO!!!  “Dear Hearing People” [CC]

A comical spin on some comments I’ve received and some experiences I’ve had with different hearing people over the years.  This is all for laughs.  I’m well aware not all hearing people say ignorant things to D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with APD.


Or, you know…don’t.  :P

Coulson: This thing in you … Is it as desperate to destroy AIDA as we are?

Robbie: Yes.

Coulson: Great. Then we should–

Robbie: Hold up. I’m going to go see Gabe first.

Coulson: Wait, what?

Robbie: Yeah, I’ve been gone for, what? Months, now? And not one of you were trying to figure out how to come rescue me.

Coulson: Yeah, well… we were busy… with things…

Robbie: Sure. Anyway, so I am just going to go pop over to L.A. real quick to hug my little brother and let him know I am, in fact, alive, and then I’ll come save all your asses, like I always do.


Robbie, puts on shades: Reyes out!

Okay I was at my 12 y/o bro’s bday party today & I was listening to the conversations he & his friends were having. Kids nowadays are exposed to many things, including the LGBT+ community. Saying that characters on TV (I’m specifically talking about those in the Disney show ‘Andi Mack’) are “too young to come out” is a false statement, bc I know for a fact that if these 12 & 13 year olds can be in (manipulative) relationships, they sure as hell could know whether they’re queer