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• Andi Mack: diverse cast, interesting plot line with continuity, the adults aren’t dumb, the kids have a life outside of school, a actual true progressive show we’ve been waiting for on the Disney channel.

• GMW analyst blogs: Uh, idk, this show isn’t for me. It’s not aimed towards my age group. It’s for little kids . I wished that Girl Meets Mayo had the same freedom tho. Disney Channel was just holding back GMW. Didn’t allow them to be free.

god this is so incoherent but here goes: its one thing to like be like okay cyrus is gay they r gonna make him like boys im prepared but like… im boutta b so shocked… i cant imagine them saying the word “gay” on disney channel. like im thinking about it and like its one thing to have cyrus say “i like boys,” “i like jonah” because i feel like that’s something that has been said before on disney (obv just not by a boy) but to actually say “im gay” which hes gonna have to? if theres a whole coming out arc like. im gonna cry! because im so used to getting representation in baby steps, but disneys just going for it? and just think about it. that word has never been used on a disney channel show, ever. and that makes it seem like a taboo. but its not a taboo, its just a word, and like they need to say it. they need to say it to take out the negative connotations that you always hear it said in. especially when youre a kid, how often do you hear the word gay in a neutral let alone positive context? and i feel like thats gonna b so powerful. i dont know how many times theyll have to say it before those connotations go away. but im just bracing myself for the healing thatll come from just hearing that word. i cant even imagine it.


Okay everyone seems to be talking about the team side eyeing Lance to comfort Keith, but NOBODY is talking about how Lance didn’t even notice that because his eyes are on Keith the whole time and he steps forward anyway. Not because his team members won’t do it and expect him to. No. He steps forward because he sees that Keith is hurting and his first instinct is to go up and comfort him.

Like he doesn’t even pay attention to the others. He doesn’t look away from keith. Not once.

It’s just- I’m so- this is-
UGH it makes me feel so any emotions
Disney Channel's 'Andi Mack' to feature groundbreaking gay story line
Disney Channel programming has always sought to reflect to kids life lessons and important journeys of self-discovery. Now, for the first time ever, the cable network is tackling another crucial pa…

Yooooo so in case y’all haven’t heard Disney’s show Andi Mack (which is actually a pretty great show) is gonna have one of the main characters “realizing and discovering his sexuality” !!!! I’m honestly so happy that all the tweens watching will get to see this kind of story line that i wish i could’ve seen when i was younger

Okay but this is a really big deal. This is Disney Channel’s high ass budget show. They have a gay main character and invite kids to talk at the end of each episode. These kids are being open and accepting to this new change, instead of calling it weird and unnatural. This is Disney, holy shit.

Keith and Lance having a Petty argument that devolves to insults about the other's element

Keith: …
Lance: You hesitated. I win.


NEW VIDEO!!!  “Dear Hearing People” [CC]

A comical spin on some comments I’ve received and some experiences I’ve had with different hearing people over the years.  This is all for laughs.  I’m well aware not all hearing people say ignorant things to D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with APD.


Or, you know…don’t.  :P


Things I still think about from S1 E1:

•Pidge and Shiro’s matching expressions during and after their adventure to find the green lion.

ok i just wanna talk about the scene with jonah and andi where jonah was talking about amber and said “maybe she likes you” to andi… like that was some SERIOUS Gay Shit™ right there,,, when i first heard it i literally had to do a double take cuz i couldn’t believe disney was providing me with even more gayness???? like that line sounded like anything BUT platonic… and the fact that andi said “or maybe she still likes you” to jonah??!?!1??!!?,, dude wtf she obviously meant that in a romantic way??? are we just supposed to assume what jonah said was in a platonic way??? excuse me no thank you ambi is real and ambi is happening folks

Guys,,,,,,,, I made an Andi Mack crack video (or an Andi Crack video, hehe) This is what I spent my snow day doing…… what this show has done to me.