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This never before seen photo will be donated to “City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts”. (The website made a mistake regarding the year. It was definitely not 1987, but almost certainly 1997).

Nicola Goode, a Los-Angeles based artist and photographer was hired to shoot behind-the-scenes for a Michael Jackson project that ultimately was never released. During a break in the action she captured this moment as Jackson was signing an autograph on the set. It is a limited edition that is in select collections at the moment.

Goode, a movie/television unit stills photographer shoots for herself when not on set. Her work is seen in galleries throughout the country. Most recently she curated and created photo installations at Mack Sennett Studios in Hollywood and has exhibited in Switzerland at Photo Basel.

Ms. Goode states, “Creativity and the arts have been a presence on my life as long as I can remember. I can’t imagine who I would be now without the encouragement of my parents, the mentorship of local artists and the exposure to making and appreciating art as I was growing up in Los Angeles. The important work of an organization like City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts that helps provide the art resources to children is invaluable. It is a great pleasure that I can donate this Michael Jackson print to help support the work of young artists.”


YOU’RE DEAD! A Tumblr IRL by Flying Lotus

The first thing fans saw when they walked into Mack Sennett Studios was Michael Jackson. It was already weird, different and startling.

He pointed them to a smoked out, strobed tunnel that led them inside Flying Lotus’s brain.

A dark maze took them to Timeboy’s Shadowplay, a wall that cast moving images on their shadows.

The final room housed 10-foot pieces of album art​, a wall of moving images, more impersonators, a Grim Reaper, an Oculus immersion, and a perfectly-curated lineup of Brainfeeder DJs, a string quartet, a jazz band led by thundercattheamazing and, of course, Flying Lotus, who played his album for his fans to hear for the very first time in this lifetime. 

Oh BTW, that’s Herbie Hancock up there.

Artwork by shintarokago0086, strangelooptv and thefrequencymass. Photos and GIFs by ounce.

Preorder You’re Dead! here

(Special thanks to PBR for the drinks.)